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  1. Wasn´t a guy banned for posting pictures like that ^
  2. Really? Hopefully your statement isn't connected with his sexuality.Really? How can you even read that from what he said?Of course he can.. He´s Insane . . . Insane and fan of Washinton teams huh ? How are things going in DC Mr. Senator ?
  3. exactly, they need silver and black back, not this maple leafs look
  4. I see your point about Teixeira in ATL.. only explanation i have is that Uggla had/still have his jerseys speciel made (authentic kid size jerseys, not available for normal retail) and the equipment manager made a mistake and sewed on Mark´s name and number on one of those jerseys.
  5. MLB´s Dan Uggla is always in a wrong uniform, uniform size that is ! he always wear them 3 or 4 sizes too small *shudder*... i will not post pictures, there was guy who got banned fror posting nudes here, and Uggla in a kids size jersey is even worse imo
  6. I have tons of jokes lined up for this tread, unfortunately i can´t write them as i prob. will get banned :-( , but to answer your question, no i don´t have any mini football helmets, i like your pics doe.
  7. Looks like the admiral is watching team USA while rooting for team LSD or is it team THC ?
  8. you got me convinced, watching soccer right now, 1-0 allready ! going to be high scoring.....but what the hell is team usa wearing ? ugh ! royal blue jersey with navy shorts , lol
  9. 1990 1-0 1994 0-0 2006 1-1 2010 1-0 2014 1-0 I stand corrected, so make the goals smaller and make the goalie's equipment bigger, only way to keep the crazy scoring down.
  10. Most WC finals end in 0-0 and a penalty shoot out, so to be fair, all other WC´s were also "Monumental Disasters"
  11. Luc Robitaille statue, why the hell is it gold and not silver !? just awful . http://1.cdn.nhle.com/nhl/images/upload/2015/03/luc_030715_672a.jpg . . http://3.cdn.nhle.com/nhl/images/upload/gallery/2015/03/statue_slide.jpg
  12. I will ignore that (predictable) response from a Boston fan, and wait till the real critics arrive. .
  13. hey admiral, do you have a email adress where i can shoot you a word or two ?
  14. Exactly, i think going back to blue and gold, and the Presidents' Trophy did alot for sales. . But man i wish that Raptor in a leaf would be realized, would look amazing on a pair of shorts.
  15. The Buffaslug was widely hated by Sabres fans but still topped sales charts. New gear sells, even if it's objectively terrible.Okay, but then i choose to belive : 1. Merchandise sales were lies. 2. The slug appealed to kids. 3. people gave slug apperal as hate gifts to mess with friends and family. 4. Sabres were a number 1 team back then. That Raptor coming though the leaf is amazing, even has a Alien chestburster feeling to it. One of the best logos ever imo
  16. Raptor in leaf is awesome, the clawed T as secondary....would sell merchandise like crazy all over the world, the Nets logo they went with is boring as hell, and will only sell in Toronto, and probably not much even there.
  17. My the bad (lol), The Jets use the McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet in their logo, soon to be replaced by the Joint Strike Fighter ?
  18. Sure. Naming your Canadian team after an American fighter jet fits right in with aping the US Constitution for team spirit.And the Jets already did it
  19. "Northern Uprising" ? not that cool, sounds like you want to start a civil war !
  20. How is Raptors any worse then Dolphins ? and everybody loves freaking Dinosaurs man , it´s a great name imo- now there is only a ball with marks on it ? where the hell is the dino who did it ? and that you named your team after. Afterall they are not called he Toronto scratch marks
  21. Would be fun if Canada got a 2nd team, and they took this slogan "We the true north" And perhaps added: "And damn proud of it"
  22. Everyone gets them now. Office people,security guards you name it. Those rings though aren't made like the players. No Gold or diamonds.Thanks for the info, that only makes it even more silly to show them off on TV, are we sure the ones the Heat commentators (for example) have, are not the same as the players ?
  23. Anyone besides me thinks it ridiculous tv-commentators also get a championship ring ? I Turn on a NBA game and the 2 commentators are sitting there flashing those hugeass rings.....should be players/coaches only imo
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