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  1. Oh, and not sure why this is in this thread, but when I was a kid, I thought this was supposed to be an elephant. I never saw an igloo.... I saw the stick and puck, but couldn't figure out what in the hell they were going for. I just thought an elephant was a "mascot" for the Nordiques, like it is for the Oakland Athletics. That logo is and always has been a total fail.
  2. Interesting thread. Comments on what has appeared so far: 1) that Reds jersey that Pete Rose is wearing was great. I am a big fan of most of those uniforms that existed right before the 70's updates, with that ugly double-knit material and pull over jerseys. As far as logos go, though... I do like that running Mr. Red in the "C" chest emblem. I think THAT was executed nicely in the 70's. Look at an old Twins uniform, or even the red/white White Sox uniforms. Everything was clean... and simple. 2) I have NEVER understood the Cowboys mismatched color scheme. I think they could stick with the logo, and change everything else, but to what? They are stuck in those uniforms for some reason... If the Steelers can change the uniform font from those 70's Super Bowl jerseys, the Cowboys could change their uniforms a bit. Pick a silver and blue and make them match throughout the uniform. Try that first. But as boring as that star is, it IS iconic and will never be changed. And it shouldn't be. 3) the current Patriot uniforms are awful, and they will be around for a LONG time to come. The emblem stinks, the colors are a mess, the fonts are bad, etc. There is literally nothing I like about the uniforms or the logos except for the name "Patriots". It is too bad they didn't have success with those red jerseys with the white piping (Steve Grogan era), and the Patriot hiking the ball. 4) the early 70's Pirates had uniforms I could live with, even though they went with the pull over double knit jerseys, they still had a good scheme (see 1971 World Series highlights, and Roberto Clemente pics). When they won in 1979, they had those awful all-black, all-yellow and white with gold pinstripes awfulness (and don't forget they mixed and matched them!) combined with both gold and black pill-box hats that just overwhelmed the senses. But those uniforms, with Willie Stargell, have become iconic simply because they were the last ones the team wore when they won a championship. I wouldn't mind seeing the Pirates bring back the pill box hat, and wear it with their white button down uniforms. But only if every player is forced to wear their pants how they are supposed to be worn.. Right below the knee, with sanitary socks and stirrups. Baseball unfortunately let guys change their uniforms individually, which looks terrible IMO. At least the NFL got it right with the uniforms... Keep each player in each team look the same, and fine guys that stray. I hate the baggy pants, bunched-down-on-the-shoe look that some players wear in baseball, especially when other guys on the same team wear their pants differently. It is just sloppy. Success usually saddles the franchise with whatever they had at the time, good or bad.
  3. I love the new uniform, incorporating the mountain and the "C" logo onto the chest. I have never liked the Avs uniforms, and have always found them juvenile... Sort of like the original Toronto Raptors logo, with the Barney-look-alike bouncing the basketball. The Avs "A" crest, with the "swoosh" has always annoyed me. Combining it with the yeti footprint, and you have one of the worst jerseys in the NHL. The problem is, the Avs won in those uniforms, so they have become iconic for Avs fans... And I know others like the logo as well, but this new jersey set you've come up with is very nice. I'd love to see them scrap the "A" and the yeti footprint, but you give me this new logo, you can keep the footprint on the shoulder!
  4. First thing I thought of when I saw this was "McDonald's" Also, you will need to come up with something pretty good, IMO, to get people excited about a logo without that famous winged note.. That is one of the best, iconic logos in the NHL. It works on so many levels, and it is instanty recognizable without being over the top in any way. I love that Blues note logo. Looks great on a ball cap, shirt or anything else.... Including, of course, the jersey! I have no problem with your attempting it, but there are a few logos that I think are perfect, and the Blues are one of them. I hope you can come up with something that pops, because if you can break through my love for the original logo, I think you'd really have something special.
  5. Like everyone else, I am a big fan of the logos, but not the uniforms. You have the hard part done, though... Those logos are all very nice.... I like them all, and can see them used successfully with uniforms and things like shirts, caps, etc. Fantastic work! I am not even an NBA fan, and I would have no problem wearing a t-shirt or ball cap with the anchor or roundel logo. You could use the logos on the jerseys and/or shorts... So I think the uniforms will be much easier to fix and I am looking forward to your next iteration.
  6. I didn't read this entire thread, but the volt green pacman logo reminded me of the old "Mr. Yuk" poison control stickers of the 70's. I am sure someone has already mentioned it, and there is probably a link to it, but if one is needed, let me know and I'll add one. I think the green color is even close to the Mr. Yuk green. As for the uniforms, not terrible. I don't like the green, as I see this as another attempt at trying to introduce a "hip" color unnecessarily. Kind of like teal was the big thing in the 90's for expansion teams. Anyway, neon volt green isn't working for me. Other than that, I like most of the uniforms... The triangle pattern is a nice touch on the fabric, even though I can wait for the bogus backstory behind it. The font they chose for Atlanta and Atl I can live with, and I can also live with the number font. And the colors mostly work. I have NEVER been a fan of red and yellow as the main colors in a sports logo, because they look like McDonaldland uniforms. I wish they would have made the red deeper and stronger (like Ox blood), used the slate grey, and white. And see what that came up with. No (re)volt(ing) green. Or instead of white, maybe a cream white. But there is a lot more to like than dislike here, so I give it a 6 out of 10. Ox-blood Red, Cream, and Slate Grey. That is a good pallet to work with. One of these days, I am going to get proficient at one of these photoshop apps and recolor these the way I see them in my head. Describing them doesn't do my concepts justice. Oh, one more item. Please don't mix and match the unis. Look, I loved the 1979 Pirates as much as anybody, but they were hideously dressed most nights. Only when they wore all black or all yellow were they tolerable. Forget about that gold pinstripe set period, but if you HAVE to wear it, match shirts and pants! So Atl, go with red on red, white on white, and grey on grey. The green had got to go. But it will eventually. Mr. Yuk, I mean Mr. Duk, I mean Mr. Hawk.
  7. Nice try, I guess. Still looks like it belongs on the side of a USPS truck, delivering letters and packages to people's homes. Too corporate. And not enough done to it to make someone even realize it has been changed, inless they are side by side. I am a Pens Fan, and I don't believe I would have noticed the changes at all without the original staring at me, The single best logo in the franchise's history was in year 2, when they had the iconic skating penguin in front of the golden triangle, in the roundel that said "Pittsburgh" on the top of the circle, "Penguins" on the bottom of the circle, and the two words separated by two black circles (pucks, maybe). That logo was perfect. And the collest thing about it was it didn't need to change one bit when they moved from blue and white to black and gold. That was and is the best logo in the sport.
  8. Not much to add, since most folks have expressed my dislike for these. However, I will say that IMO Ballmer's thinking that people just hate change, and his inability to actually hear what people are saying (including Clipper fans, non-Clipper fans, NBA fans and non-NBA fans) is arrogance run amok. He probably can't recall anyone actually telling him "no", or "this idea sucks" in 40 years. There is one guy who likes these completely, and it is Ballmer. He paid $2 billion for the team, so he has a right to choose the logo. He just chose very badly. I think the hate comes from the entire package.... The ridiculous "story", with the BS symbolism, is insulting and obnoxious. No one buys it, except for Steve Ballmer. And in his mind, he is never wrong. When you have as much money as he does, it clouds reality. He is going to jam this down everyone's throats because he wants it. That's it, period. If he changes it within 5 years, I'll be surprised, because he isn't a guy who can admit making a mistake. It simply isn't in him. I am a non-NBA fan, but I can appreciate a good logo.... What the 76ers did, for example, is great. I would not be embarrassed to wear a 76ers hat or shirt with their logo on it... I would NEVER wear anything with one of these new Clippers logos on it, ever... Unless I literally had no other option and needed clothing... Or if I had two choices and had to pick between this logo and the Raptors basketball bouncing Barney... Ok, I'll take this over Barney. But I would take OKC's current dreck over this. The NBA has some pretty bad logos.. And their insistence that all teams incorporate a basketball in a logo is not something I care for. But this? Wow, it's bad.
  9. I agree with most of the comments here. Remove the spike on the helmet. Remove the arms. See what it looks like with just the head and helmet. If you want to keep the arms, you need to change the dimensions and put him in a different "pose". I don't know what a better pose would be... Maybe holding a sword or rowing with an oar?
  10. Can I ask what the significance of the horse on fire is for Calgary? I know it's a western town, has a horse/rodeo culture, but why does the horse's head need to have flames coming out of it? Maybe I don't understand the history behind that logo, but personally, I have never understood it or liked it. I am pretty sure they have used a version of the horse head already, but the horse-head-on-fire thing doesn't work for me at all.
  11. I would love to see the stirrups make a come back in baseball. I cannot stand the baggy pants, bunched up leg material on the top of the shoe look that has been in the game for what, the past 20 years now? God I hate that! And even though the solid color socks some teams wear if the player doesn't like the baggly pants look is better, I still would prefer to see the white sanitary socks under the stirrups, with the top of the stirrups decorated with a stripped pattern. Ok, I am old. Get off my lawn!
  12. I really like the Winnipeg jersey. I would love to see this on the ice and see how the colors work in 3-D. But the concept is great. Also love Arizona's, except I'd replace the running coyote with the howling coyote head logo. I've never liked that full coyote logo. I think the Devils was a nice try, but that really is hard to look at. Definitely need some white in there. Carolina - the same... i'd like to see what the jersey looks like with white instead of the gray. I have yet to see an orange uniform in any sport, with the exception of the old Tampa Bay Bucs unis (go figure), that didn't give me a headache, but that Oilers one has some potential. It's not exactly there yet, but it's a great start. I didn't cringe immediately when I saw the orange, so that was a good sign! The orange shoulder patch bothers me, and I think the "O" oil drop font needs some re-work. Bruins - I don't like the brown. I like the concept, and don't mind the shade of white/cream you used for the pants, but I think I'd like to see the brown replaced with black. These are great overall so far.
  13. Personally, I think expansion is a horrid idea and will dilute talent horribly. With that said, i would prefer to see some teams move, as has been discussed. I was thinking if the NHL goes to Las Vegas (and I think it would be a huge mistake and fail, but its not my money), I would personally use "Nevada" and not "Las Vegas". But it seems that fan backlash won't permit that (why, I don't know.... Hometown pride, I guess). How about Las Vegas Silver Dollars? I can't stand "Aces", "Black Aces", or anything-Aces. But, Nevada is the "Silver State" and obviously, silver dollars were used at one time in the dollar slots (don't know if they are still used anywhere, everything is tokens and plastic cards now). But the name would give a nod to both the state's history and the history of the city. I am not sure I like the name, but I didn't want to use something already suggested. As for other potential expansion cities, I think Seattle, Portland, and Quebec City are good possibilities.... And if a team moves there, here are the names I'd suggest: Quebec Nordiques (yes, it IS the only option) Seattle Americans (the only other option is Metropolitans, and I could live with it) Portland Buckaroos (love this name)
  14. The top logo is very nice. I'd work with this one. The negative space bolt is great, and it is very crisp, clean, and simple. Don't clutter it up with bevels. This one works so well because it is so simple. Reminds me a bit if the old Hartford Whalers logo (the best logo ever, IMO). Using one or two colors, no gimmicks, and negative space to create the image. I'd be curious to see it in different fonts, but that's it. I'd take that top logo and buy a baseball hat or T-shirt with it right now.
  15. So, do you start every sentence with "so"?