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  1. RT @blakeley1990: Plane crash in Cuba, American flight crashed shortly after take off ? #cuba #planecrash https://t.co/W4IuiIaF1K

  2. @JewelStaite Gold is a precious metal. There's a limited amount of it in the world. We shouldn't be EATING it!

  3. @slondonuk In all fairness her book is only a bestseller in that it is the best selling book written by a white wom… https://t.co/4NXiQCC6Cn

  4. This Lucas guy just got out of conversion therapy right? There’s no way this guy doesn’t like dudes.… https://t.co/Hws0z6hgDG

  5. @iamskippy @JoelMurray9of9 @GregProops Just have a good time and please don't say things like "so is this a date?" and "can I hug you?"

  6. @iamskippy @joshwolfcomedy @WiseguysUtah @FooFightersDave @foofighters Your obsession with rape whistles is disturb… https://t.co/BiARSymDzG

  7. I'm in so much pain. Does anyone have some extra heroin lying around?

  8. @politicalmath But what about Shrek?

  9. @TessaInSeattle @komonews Yes. This. I take this as evidence that we are all living in a simulation.

  10. @FoxNewsResearch All fine upstanding people.

  11. @komonews I blame the @NRA

  12. @NHLSeattle_ Metropolitans or Totems. Please not Kraken

  13. @iamskippy @h3h3productions Yeah, that looks terrible.

  14. @zerohedge This is The Onion, right?!

  15. @MalcolmRiddle @therealmix @MrChuckD @WESTCOASTDOC @MCHammer @FINALLEVEL @mADurgency @ajkatzart @MichaelRapaport Wh… https://t.co/O2lzBONQso