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  1. Very excited for tomorrow night's game. First game that will have a playoff atmosphere and sense of urgency for both teams and it comes week 11 in Miami. We're coming down the home stretch!
  2. Thanks for the answer! I'll continue to do some digging and see if Alts have been/ are allowed to be worn during the post season/ Super Bowl.
  3. Hi, I know this is off topic but I created an account after lurking for the last year and a half just to ask this question: Hypothetically, let's assume Super Bowl XLIX is between Denver and Dallas. With the NFC being the home team this season, I assume Dallas would elect to wear white. Could Denver, assuming all they play are home games in the post season, elect to wear their mono blues instead of orange, as they are the away team and have not declared an away uniform for the post season? I've tried googling the answer but nothing came up and I figured if anyone would know it would be this forum's collective knowledge. Thanks!