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  1. It can.. you just have to a certain numbers of posts before you make a topic.
  2. You cranked these out really fast, but i do gotta admit I like one thing in particular: the template. Any plans to let other use it???? And is it MS Paint friendly? I like to start my concepts there.
  3. I like it. Simple for a lacrosse uniform though.... but I do like what I see.
  4. Watchman

    McCarthy's NFL

    when the Falcons were born, they used the UGa Bulldogs black and Red and Ga Tech gold in their unis/ helmets. Ah. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. Watchman

    McCarthy's NFL

    May I ask why people keep on using Gold for the FALCONS??????????? Besides that, I love this for the Falcons. Simple yet so effective.
  6. Loving the Fishsticks jersey man.... I'd wear that proudly.
  7. Tampa take home there first SuperBowl and Saun King (Proper spelling) becomes a budding superstar.
  8. Is there more than that? What do you not like about the use of the flag pattern? Just how much I used it? Be more specific. One the helmet and arms, I don't think it's needed. Remove it from there, and you have a look that is more in line with the set they have now, which I think looks fine.
  9. I like the idea, but the execution isn't that great. I don't like how much the flag stripes are being used.
  10. Also the wrong goalie pads. He should still be in those same pads that used to be white once in 1992. Wrong mask, too. However, remember that he was in there in an emergency capacity. He wasn't planning on dressing, so he wouldn't have his gear with him. That's all loner stuff Also, on that topic... to be fair, hasn't Dwayne Roloson played for nearly every team at least once? Minnesota, Edmonton, New York Islanders and Tampa besides the Ducks, so no.
  11. We had a guy on our highschool team that did that all the time, as he played soccer. Considering I played Fullback this year, I got the ball a few times using that play.
  12. Shame that card is a fake, but still interesting that he played minor-league baseball.
  13. Yup. And look out, my Baltimore is not the Baltimore you see today. You mean we going Colts or Browns here??????? Interesting. Oh no, I meant I really changed things up with the Ravens. Ahh. Just the way my mind works sometimes..... but still can't wait to see what you've done.
  14. Yup. And look out, my Baltimore is not the Baltimore you see today. You mean we going Colts or Browns here??????? Interesting.
  15. Case of a wrong uniform actually being a sports one: Yeah folks.... Scott Patterson played minor league baseball before becoming a actor.