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  1. Simply amazing! Everything about this project right up my alley! A million thumbs up If you ever decide to make a 4th division, I would love to see either Lindstrom or Mora as that would be fantastic for my very biased Swedish eyes!
  2. Thanks for the input. With Erickson being fairly young in the picture and living in Jamestown, NY both before and after his career (therefore ruling out Solons jerseys in any games played so far away) at first I thought it would have had to a game in which Seals played Solons away and simply forgot the some of their jerseys, BUT Solons wasn't in the league 1916-17 while Erickson was playing for the Seals. Could it be possible that Seals used Solons jerseys for their away games 1915-17 while they were not in the league, or is it just a random coincidence that whatever logo this team is using turned out to be identical to the Solons logo? I'm just speculating here, but there are so many things that doesn't add up.
  3. So, I found this copy of an old photo from late 1910's or early 1920's, and I just can't identify the team logo. Player #2 from left is Eric Erickson, last Swedish player in MLB, so he's the only lead I have. I think I can narrow it down to basically two teams because of the S, but as far as I've seen neither team has ever sported the S on their jersey. Erickson played for SF Seals 1916-1917 and Washington Senators 1919-1922. Washington just carried a W and San Francisco had a SF on the chest in those days. Other teams he played for were in MLB Giants and Tigers and elsewhere Buffalo Bisons, Dallas Giants, Rochester Hustlers, Minneapolis Millers and Toronto Maple Leafs. Has anyone seen the logo before?
  4. It was only you until you posted this, now it's stuck with me. I'm normally the kind of person who blurts out "look, France" in the middle of eating steak so I can relate to this!
  5. Being a huge minor-league baseball fan, I agree with this statement. A lot of these teams do look very similar, some so much it's scary. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Brandiose keeps getting a lot of publicity for their logos and it bothers me. Heck, even my own logos for various fantasy leagues and such are starting to be influenced by their repetition!
  6. What really annoys me most of the time can be summed up with one name: Brandiose! Not sure if this is an unpopular view, but to me they are killing the logo world (at least in MiLB) because I feel like ALL of their logos end up looking the same. PLEASE let us have a few new designers that can dares to step away from more of this.