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  1. Great job on these, I was not very thrilled with the new logos that they put out, but adding that cool font in, and the great jersey concept really make this logo a lot better in my eyes.
  2. Great job, and even more props for using the updated Oregon helmet instead of the regular season variant.
  3. Titans and Rams look really good, not a fan of the Panthers though
  4. Love these concepts, especially that white helmet, to me the white helmet just looks great. With that said, I personally can't stand the gold inside the numbers on the jerseys and with the Garnett in there it looks much better. Good job, keep it up
  5. Well done again on the version with the dual outline but I'm with you, I just think a single outline is perfect
  6. Great concept, I would love to see a throw/faux back set of jerseys for them, and this would be a great look for them. P.S. Way to bring back the teal
  7. Great job, logo looks very good
  8. Definitely better than the gaudy rainbow set they wear, like the person above I really didn't like the bobcats nickname, but absolutely loved the font. Great use, with a good trim and color. Overall you did a great job on this concept
  9. I like the numbers and that Seahawk-esque pattern in them, but visibility may be a problem, I do like them and a slight adjustment makes these top notch uniforms
  10. I like the concept and the jerseys, just the top logo looks very awkward, it seems like a bird to me
  11. Sorta looks like the might ducks logo, but keep it, you got something here
  12. I think these look great, and these are wonderful uniforms, the only thing I can add is just get rid of the 3 star A logo and use the cursive A instead. Great concept