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  1. Here is a slightly changed image, changing the blue with a little more green.
  2. Steelers also announced that they will be wearing black on black (or white on white) in their game vs. Indianapolis depending upon what the Colts decide on. Just like Washington they do not have to wear color rush uniforms because they are on Thanksgiving.
  3. Once again, they are keeping the roundel because it is used on the hockey jerseys. Also how do you see a dead bird in the U.P. logo?
  4. #4 is currently the logo for the hockey jerseys. I do agree too many logos and should simplify and just call #10 the primary just like every other school.
  5. The new Michigan Tech athletic logos...
  6. CONCEPTS for black and white jerseys as well
  7. This is a CONCEPT by me using the Golden State Warriors as an idea adapting it for the Michigan Tech logo.
  8. But there should be no more 'piano dog' used for athletics in 2017.
  9. According to President Mroz he was quoted using word "rebranding" and marketing and communications dept stated that athletics will release their sets in a few months.
  10. To clarify some of the people above: I believe this is a complete rebranding for the university and is for the athletics as well.
  11. That was the logo, which is being replaced.
  12. It is a husky. It represents the statue that is on the campus. I agree that the 1885 should not be there, it will be interesting how they adapt this to the athletics at the school.
  13. The new logos for Michigan Tech, coming 2017.
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