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  1. @farazkhan0 Not sure what he has to do for some people to put him in the GOAT discussion. Amazing.

  2. @giantseeds your kettle roasted dill pickle are the best. thanks.

  3. I’m a new hockey fan, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.. Is winning the Western Conference a good thing?

  4. @Bolotinjbl It was down to odyssey and sienna. Tight race!

  5. @nanknuth No one likes their HOA until something like this happens...

  6. I really enjoyed my trip to Nashville! I would recommend anyone to go. Really cool city.

  7. @Brandiose Going into the weekend like... “all I’m going to do is make swinging bat logos and nothing else”...?

  8. @tacobell why did you get rid of the nacho fries? @hmariecox

  9. @975Hans I’d like to submit Andrew Norwell as a new one. Richest guard in football!

  10. @carsonk Steak quesadilla, triple melt burrito, bean burrito, 2 potato grillers, cheesy roll up, nachos. Feel free…

  11. RT @LAKings: @GoldenKnights *googles Vegas Golden Knights*

  12. @nanknuth Share a soda??? Me and Hannah used to do that when we were poor.

  13. @Bolotinjbl Is that a new picture of him? He looks terrible in it

  14. RT @PFTCommenter: When this happens u should automaticaly become Presdent

  15. Really hoping Pat McCaw is alright! Hate to see freak accidents like those