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  1. anyone want to take a stab at some Texas ones? Texas state outline with all professional teams.... Texas state outline with all major D1 colleges... Texas, Texas AM, Texas Tech, Baylor, Rice, TCU, UTEP, Houston. Will have a lot going on. I'd also LOVE someone to make one San Antonio themed one. Spurs, Missions, UTSA Loving this thread! Maybe the SA missions logo as a foundation and using Spurs font and old fiesta colors. Most people hate them but we love them down here!
  2. Sorry about that. For whatever reason, twitter rotated it when i uploaded it. It was the only way I knew how to get a URL address for the pic.
  3. ren, I'm not sure who did the restoration on the logo, but I believe it was a teacher at the HS about 5-6 years ago. I was able to take a picture of an old program from HS. Sorry I don't have one of better quality .
  4. ren, beautiful work! I just joined today to see if you could help a busy teacher/coach out. My alma mater HS (Taft HS in San Antonio, TX) needs a remodel. They tried recently but it looks terrible. They have added a lot of black to the logo when the school colors are red and white. The riders chin is supposed to be prominent but the flag is colorful. The red jacket and hat, blue pants and USA flag were a staple of the raiders. Hope you can return it to glory. Here is the middle school I work at. Pat Neff MS in San Antonio, TX. The original logo from the early 60's has been lazily changed to the Texans logo. Got any ideas or remakes of the original? Drop the M and change the fonts? School colors are Royal Blue and white, with a secondary color of grey. I know there's a separate thread for requests, but I would also love some ideas on better/new logos for the Texans. Thanks a million in advance!! Joe