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  1. So I reserved judgement on the AUFC kits until I saw them in person and in action. Underwhelming. I'm actually bummed, because I liked the idea... It just didn't execute well.
  2. No. it's real alright... It's the female orgasm... THAT'S the myth.
  3. Not really news... The rumor for Atlanta United's next change strip is white with Vegas gold accents.
  4. The Greenville Swamp Rabbits of the ECHL are named after the local railroad that ran from 1920 on.
  5. My guess would be a high school or community college that altered the Greensboro Bats logo into a devil. I am 100% on the original logo... Just couldn't tell you the source of this.
  6. A 15-year search is OVER!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-WLAF-Orlando-Thunder-Jersey-/161399314944?pt=US_Football_Fan_Shop&hash=item2594261a00#ht_24wt_1020
  7. Make me an offer. My "white whale" is a neon green WLAF Orlando Thunder jersey. I've seen a few on eBay over the years, but always get outbid. You and me both... the only ones I've seen lately are game used, and over $500. I actually hung out with Kerwin Bell WAAAAAY back in the day, and would love to get my hands on what he called "slime lime jerseys". Also, I think you can find Knights jerseys fairly often on eBay. One of these days I'll get one for my Atlanta collection.
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