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  1. In memory of my favorite channel in San Diego
  2. Same goes for the Angels KCOP have nothing I would think they'll televised more than 3 Angels games a year
  3. Hate to say it but you're right case in point the Lakers leaving KCAL 9 after 35+ years and it won't surprised me if KTLA & the Dodgers get a deal so people who don't have cable cam watch 20-30 games mostly on weekends since CW have no programming. As for the Cubs more than likely they're getting their own channel the White Sox probably going to WPWR
  4. WPWR in Chicago got the CW and they still do MyTV so if KCOP get CW they'll probably put MyTV at 11 like last year and as for KTLA I think they want to be independent WGN left CW and they're still #1
  5. I know what you mean when WB first started we used to watch the Wayan Brother 3 hours before KTLA
  6. From what I heard they want to make KTLA independent like WGN but it all depends if CW want to reup plus I heard KCOP want CW if they leave KTLA
  7. I know what you mean I thought WGN was going to bring this back and speaking of KTLA I heard they may leave CW
  8. I'm from LA hope to go to Chicago one day but we've grew up watching the Cubs, White Sox and Bulls and with that I gotta say I love their new logo What do you guys think?
  9. Oh yeah I forgot AFV is still America Funniest Home Video I stopped watch it after Bob Saget left.
  10. That's true but I get it why they changed it to Headline News at the time it was wall to wall before Robin Meade & Lynn Smith. What I love is they're going back making news their priority
  11. Same here the new logo while it's good,but it look like the Weather Channel
  12. Me too remind me when they used to aired a 30 minutes show on free TV
  13. Normally I hate knockoff but I gotta admit I love those its unique the Astros is my fav
  14. This is my 1st post with pictures I don't care much for the lettering but I do like the new logo
  15. I know what you mean I got the same question about the "alternate" Marlins logo at Montreal Expos Olympic Stadium
  16. I was hoping he would be the new CEO lol
  17. I like the new logo and the whole sex sell has run it coursed but I'm going to miss Happy though I was hoping it would be Happy as the CEO
  18. Yeah you're right plus I don't see the white line on the side so I think it's real but them again in 1997 The Sporting News mistakenly listed the Dodgers had a black hat as an alternate
  19. Just saw on The Show that the Dodgers have a home blur alternate is that true or The Show just using Spring Training as alternate?
  20. Still better than Lifetime new logo
  21. I didn't know Stubhub bought Bravo lol
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