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  1. Which one do you mean? the Beer mug logo?
  2. I know the leaked, blurry brewer update to the ball and glove logo has been posted. I tried to clean it up for my fellow brewer fans prior to its official release.
  3. Just about all Brewer fans hated the Wendy Selig era MB logo. Besides that its linked to some bad teams, it's also just pretty ugly. The green next to the gold doesnt work.the cartoon green bats dont work... -and why does the bat in bottom left disappear behind the diamond and the same bat comes out from behind the letters on top right?? I did my best to try to save the logo. Fans seem to prefer the powder blue days so I let that influence my color choices. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  4. I finished putting this together a few weeks before the Brewers announced they were updating their ball and glove logo. It was kind of just for fun because I knew, despite being named "brewers" that they wouldnt embrace the alcohol theme. I based that on them removing the beer keg Bernie used to slide into. Anyway, fast forward to now and they've renamed their minor league affiliate the Mico Brewers and their logo features a beer keg. so..I was wrong I guess.
  5. MOD EDIT: Please don't hijack other people's threads with your own concepts. If you have a concept ready to go, start your own thread.
  6. Some great work here. I love the thread. I'm from Milwaukee and a life long brewer fan. I'm not sure about the shading of green. looks a little too minty. ..and the "Brewers" script seems to lean a few different directions. maybe i'm cray cray? Personally, I'd like to see the brewers incorperate more gold. they are named after beer afterall, as much as they try to hide that. hahaha fear the beer As the uniforms are now, you can hardly make out any gold. They look just white and blue. I also think (I know I'm being picky) the barley under the script should stretch all the way the length of the word instead of being part tail and part barley. as it is it looks too much like a horse tail i think. I was also thinking someone should put together a uniform for Cleveland with a new name other than Indians since there is a continual push to have them renamed by politicians and such. the poll results here say it should be the Cleveland Spiders. (not the purpose of this thread i know, but who better to tackel that than davidmiller?)