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  1. Lets go back in time... to 2000. Pitt's uniforms remained in the mess known as the turn of the century. Pay no attention to the derelict panther on the helmet... Gradual changes brought them to something that was decent but the truth is that post Pitt script, the Panthers struggled to find an athletic identity. Just 5 years ago Pitt's uniforms were these Fine, but wholly mediocre. They brought the Pitt script to these uniforms in 2015, but redesigned them in 2016: This is a lot better, but what the Pitt script comeback did was spurn the best throwback uniforms in college football and what is likely Pitt's next athletic redesign for 2019:
  2. So I think we all agree the Sharks are a bit of a mess uniform-wise. It feels like their identity is boring and lacks creativity despite a solid color palate. I'm going to try and fix that with this concept. Here are some of the main changes: Colors: Teal brought towards the green shade (away from blue). Green is an underutilized color in the NHL and the color sets them apart. I feel like the orange 'sticks' out too much in the palate, so I changed the shade to old gold. I feel like it fits in the scheme better. Logo: I removed the triangle and added the full body shark. It's a more dynamic logo for sure. Design: I took from the pretty popular stadium series sweaters to make this look. I think it's unique as hell. Things I'm still deliberating on: Number font: Go traditional or outside the box? Away jersey: Do I go with a totally different style? How do I incorporate this design into a mostly white sweater? C&C always appreciated guys!!
  3. I think you can just slightly darken and saturate the blue and it will be fine. Just make it distinguishable from white.
  4. Putt and Syracuse was a nice looking game
  5. Pitt in black, Cuse in orange today. Stoked for the color v color.
  6. Pitt (H2P!!) is having a blackout game Feburary 7th vs Syracuse.
  7. I think the home uni should be the light aqua. I feel like it would be an opportunity to bring bright color to a set that needs it. I think that (E) would look really good on an alternate dark teal jersey, encompassing the "stealth" or like "dark waters" theme.
  8. I love the newest concept, clean logo that screams SHARK. What color would the primary jersey be, because if it's navy there may be some issues. But if it's the lighter blue, the shark coming out of the triangle would be a good third jersey logo, a "stealth" dark teal jersey.
  9. On an unrelated note, why is San Jose going with white at home tonight??
  10. I love this. It's fluid, it's stealthy, it's intimidating and it makes the triangle and shark look like one entity. Nice work!
  11. I think you've got the logo, but I don't like the presence of 3 different blues, plus gray and white. Maybe I'm a bit traditional, but have you tried the center of the triangle (instead of that in between teal) in one of the other colors? Or if you want 3 primary colors, try going for a non-cool color somewhere.
  12. I tried to take that word mark and incorporate it into the logo, I don't know if it is properly presented. I will fix this if you guys want to make it more visible. Btw, the pattern on the pants is supposed to somewhat emulate what that logo did.
  13. I am currently on a bus headed back from college w really bad wifi, I barely got this up, and that was only cause I wanted to get some C+C now before I get home and add numbers and tweak things. I'm gonna add numbers as soon as if get a chance, but I also stated above that I have no clue in what direction the numbers should go. Have a suggestion?
  14. The Jets are in desperate need of a spark as a franchise. After 4 straight underwhelming seasons, it seems like they need a new identity. A new uniform is always a good place to start as far as that is concerned. To be fair, I love the current threads. But it may be time for a shakeup in NY. I gave the Jets the full Nike treatment, as would happen in reality. Their main colors are now kelly green and black, and their logo is a mash up of sorts of an old word-mark and the jet plane logo. Be advised that if I were designing them for a perfect world, I might have not gone to somewhat the route I went, but I wanted this to be a realistic "Nikeification" of the franchise I love dear. I hope you guys enjoy. BTW, I'm stuck on a number font to use, so the jerseys currently have no numbers. I would like some C+C to some ideas before I proceed. I don't know if I want to go full on complex with the numbers or keep it kind of simple. HOME: AWAY: ALTERNATE:
  15. LOVE the super consistent outlines and striping. Good work!!