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  1. Argh, this is what they should've done last week! And they should be using blue pants tonight!!!
  2. That look is beautiful. By far their best right now.
  3. Completely agree about the chrome helmet. The satin gold switch last year looks fantastic. If they were to keep the white and black I'd be fine with each being matte but with the traditional striping, and ditch the frost texture. I also agree that a purple alt with satin gold facemask would be amazing. I could also go for a pair of anthracite pants with purple and gold accents. I was wearing the purple jersey with grey shorts today and really liked the look. Not better than the traditional gold pants (which need stripes, please) but could be a good use of a non-school color to help stay "cool" with recruits. I'd agree on the frost texture, but no to those purple helmets. The gold looks better with the satin finish, I'd agree. But couldn't we go back to: Gold-purple-gold on five home games, gold/white/purple on five road games, and reserve the alternates for those last two games? They only used gold/purple/gold twice last year - and zero times against a conference opponent. And they've also tried using black against traditional rivals such as Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington State. Isn't that horrible? The new uniforms are awful, but the least the Huskies could do is limit the use of black, white, and chrome. EDIT: Just realize that in the three home games they've had against those three teams above, they've only used black. Hopefully that ends this year with home games against Oregon and WSU.
  4. What is with UA and undershirt stripes? Guess it brings a new meaning to "Under Armor".
  5. Huskies in chrome gold/purple/gold today vs Utah State. State is in white/white/gray.
  6. Hmmm...I hope these don't become permanent.
  7. Yeah a new one i can't wait!!!!!!! Okay...but I've seen too much black and gray from Boise to be excited for a new combo.Orange helmet, blue jersey, black pants maybe?Maybe all orange unis That would be even worse.
  8. Yeah a new one i can't wait!!!!!!! Okay...but I've seen too much black and gray from Boise to be excited for a new combo.
  9. Ugh, Louisville's blackout looks ridiculous.
  10. Surprised Panthers-Jaguars didn't get more love. The game looked great, despite the ugly Jacksonville helmet. The game of course was better with those great carolina blue alternates.
  11. In case anyone is wondering, the 49ers look awful tonight. The black uniforms are clean, but still awful.
  12. New ESPN MNF score bug. I think it's better than the college football one.
  13. My gosh, those Browns looked awful today. Seemed like an orange and brown wreck.
  14. Both Michigan State and Oregon look ugly to me tonight. M State needs to chose either bronze or black, and then, it should be gold instead of bronze. Contrasted by Oregon's bland black-and-white with a hint of yellow, it creates a bad matchup for me.
  15. Not a fan of the wings on the helmet, but this is pretty good. Nice job limiting the use of black and the number of helmets/jerseys/pants allowed.
  16. Good. I was worried by all the promos they put out. You can't get worse than a blackout at the home opener.
  17. Now this photo posted on the Huskies twitter page: I think the Huskies are going blackout today.
  18. Wow, yep. I believe that's the first time other than Super Bowl 48 that the Seahawks have announced their uniform combo before actually wearing it. I'm also surprised (and disgusted) that they chose to go with blue pants. It's going to be an ugly matchup.
  19. This photo is showing up on the Huskies webpage: Blackout vs Sacramento State perhaps?
  20. Look for the Seahawks to wear white or gray pants in St. Louis. In the three matchups since getting the new uniforms, they have worn the gray pants twice and the white pants once.
  21. Mechanical Details for tomorrow night's game UW game in Boise:
  22. I think those USC helmets are in the same category of as the chrome helmets. In sunshine, they look good, but under the lights, not so much. I really didn't like them against UCLA.
  23. It's custom made and not released.
  24. I actually got it from JTswag187. Yeah, he made the template, then Matt Wilcox asked him to take it down. JTswag187 made an svg version of the template.He gave me the euro cup version and that is what I've been using. Been working well so I'm sticking to it.So what? Someone else made another version of. It's still not supposed to be out.