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  1. I actually got it from JTswag187.Yeah, he made the template, then Matt Wilcox asked him to take it down. JTswag187 made an svg version of the template.
  2. I'm pretty sure that template isn't supposed to be available. It looks to me like the Matt Wilcox one, and he doesn't want anyone using it.
  3. Interesting...too bad they had to slap the oversized logo on the side. They need to go back to this: Or if they go back to the DWS 100 unis, they should put that double stripe on here.
  4. I think the Bay Area is actually the best. Does Lukas get paid for this?
  5. MCH925


    Raysox. End of discussion.
  6. Wow....that Mavs logo is awesome. I love the lone star in the middle of the head. Great job.
  7. Seahawks look kinda weird, but...okay!
  8. Does every team has to have _F_S? Really, Adidas is getting carried away. Michigan is bad enough with all the road jerseys they make. Can't they leave the last good part about the road uniform alone?
  9. The logo is way too busy for a hat. Try taking one piece out of it and using that. The green/purple jersey also seems a little too minor league-ish for me.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if they did, but prime block wasn't specifically designed for A&M and isn't only used by them so that's why it's in the Adidas section.But Conrad did make this: It has Prime Block with drop shadows like A&M.
  11. Absolutely. Anyone who wants to convert this has total permission. Here's the svg file:
  12. Nope, I'm an Inkscape user, so it'll be in SVG. I'll get it uploaded as soon as I can.
  13. Here it is... The Seattle Mariners home uniform (Not 100% Perfect though).
  14. Ask, and you shall receive I also adjusted the hat a little bit to make it look more like a real cap. I can see why you would call it that. But the idea here was to be simple, and with the thick outline that can sometimes look cartoony. I was trying for that though. If there's anyone who wants to convert it, that's fine with me. I can't do it for you though.
  15. Okay, I'm gonna leave this alone and if you're guilty as charged, let the mods take care of it.
  16. Is that you Biscuits? No. May I ask who you are talking aboutDon't lie. You only have 6 post and they're all about SF, Reno, and cars just like Biscuits. You know the mods can check your IP address and compare it against the Biscuits account.Idk who biscuits is I just apparently have the same interests as him. Only difference Im from San Mateo not SF like himlol how did you know he was from SF...He mentioned it when I look Oh really? Let's see the facts... One, you have made four posts outside of this conversation. Three of those four posts have been requests. I seem to recall we had a bit of a problem with requests for biscuits... Two, we know you have an interest in SF, Reno, the XFL, and cars - just like biscuits did. Three, you use the same bad grammar as biscuits did. Sorry, but I'm not falling for it.
  17. Thanks for reminding me to do this. I'm working on it now and I've already got some improvements, mainly in the width between the sleeve and the main part of the jersey.
  18. I haven't found a baseball template in svg that I really like, so I made one. The template I wanted was something clean and simple, and also, similarly looking to the GUD football template. Here is the first draft: Thoughts? Once this is complete I will release a vector file. SVG File-
  19. This is awesome. I always have trouble making up team nicknames. Thanks a lot!
  20. Is anyone else having trouble with IE as far as quoting and cut/paste? I can't do either on IE. I've tried it on Google Chrome and it works fine.
  21. PLEASE, NCAA Football, come BACK! We need NCAA Football! Oh, I think with the new crop-top rule the NCAA would frown on the Ezekiel Elliot one...
  22. ^^ Page 17 for baseball, page 21 for about 500 soccer templates (really, I'm not kidding)
  23. What's wrong with it? It looks like a normal collar to me.