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    Version 1

    While I was happy with my first Brewers concept, I felt that it was worthwhile to do another take on it. I redid my realignment, putting the Brewers back in the NL Central. Considering the minor league Brewers' association with the Braves, and the Braves tenure in Milwaukee, having the Brewers remain an NL team works within my series. I've facilitated this by placing the Astros in the NL West (historical presence in said division and geographic balance with the AL West), and sending the Rockies into the AL West (I felt it worked more than having the Diamondbacks in the AL West, and geographic balance of the West divisions).

    I've kept my original color scheme (royal blue/athletic gold), but I've brought in a new primary. It's meant to be a "Borchert Field-ized" version of the current cap logo, as the block M has relevance to both the minor league and major league baseball history of Milwaukee. The ball-in-glove remains a secondary logo (as it's too iconic and popular not to be used, but is too generic to really be used as a primary), with a recolored version of Ren69's excellent 1940's-style Beer Barrelman (Owgust) as a tertiary.


    The uniforms now feature the barley leaf pattern on the cuffs and on the pants stripe, mimicking the striping of my original concept while adding some flair. The "block M and barley" logo is now the cap logo, with the ball-in-glove staying on as a sleeve patch. The sock stripe pattern remains unchanged, as the barley pattern did not work on the socks. I also redid the scripts to make them more consistent. I kept the slab-serif number font, but added a slab-serif NOB font to make the set more unified.


    The gold alternate now emulates the style of uniforms worn by the minor league Brewers worn from about 1911-37, but with the modern cap logo in place of the block M. The ball-in-glove gets its spot on the cap, and the Beer Barrelman appears on the sleeve. The blue alternate is a simple recoloring of the home uniform, but with yellow scripts and no outlines (the white outlines did muddy the script on my original blue alternate).


    While I still stand by my original, I like to think of this as a worthwhile experiment. Instead of relying entirely on an update of the 1970's Brewers' iconography, it instead incorporates what works in the current branding and what worked for both the minor and major league Brewers throughout the decades (aside from the Germanic era, which is one of the most overrated looks on this site - teal and metallic gold have no business being together). C+C is greatly appreciated!


  2. The update looks good. Something else I would like to see is a batting helmet instead of the back of the cap. Good Work So Far!

    Ask, and you shall receive


    I also adjusted the hat a little bit to make it look more like a real cap.

    The update is nice, but it looks a little too cartoony for me.

    I can see why you would call it that. But the idea here was to be simple, and with the thick outline that can sometimes look cartoony. I was trying for that though.

    I would extend the undershirt a little. Any chance we get it in .psd as well?

    If there's anyone who wants to convert it, that's fine with me. I can't do it for you though.

  3. Sorry if I'm too late but

    San Francisco bulls (echl)

    Reno Bighorns (NBADL)

    Reno Aces (Pacific Coast Leauge)

    Thx in advance and no rush

    Is that you Biscuits?

    No. May I ask who you are talking about
    Don't lie. You only have 6 post and they're all about SF, Reno, and cars just like Biscuits. You know the mods can check your IP address and compare it against the Biscuits account.
    Idk who biscuits is I just apparently have the same interests as him. Only difference Im from San Mateo not SF like him
    lol how did you know he was from SF...
    He mentioned it when I look

    Oh really? Let's see the facts...

    One, you have made four posts outside of this conversation. Three of those four posts have been requests. I seem to recall we had a bit of a problem with requests for biscuits...

    Two, we know you have an interest in SF, Reno, the XFL, and cars - just like biscuits did.

    Three, you use the same bad grammar as biscuits did.

    Sorry, but I'm not falling for it.

  4. I like it! What I would want to see, though, is some concepts on this template. It might change my look on it, for good or ill. It's a fantastic start!

    Thanks for reminding me to do this. I'm working on it now and I've already got some improvements, mainly in the width between the sleeve and the main part of the jersey.