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  1. SEAHAWK SPECULATION: Obviously, all mono blue for the home games. But for the road, they mix things up. @ ST. LOUIS: White/white @ GREEN BAY: Gray/gray @ CINCINNATI: White/blue @ SAN FRANCISCO: White/gray @ DALLAS COWBOYS: Blue/gray @ MINNESOTA VIKINGS: White/blue @ BALTIMORE RAVENS: White/white @ ARIZONA CARDINALS: Gray/gray
  2. Just another case of a completely ruined alternate done by Adidas. I've seen at least 20 of these over the past 2 years.
  3. American C-USA MAC MWC Sun Belt Well there you go! An entire realignment. Hope this makes as much sense to you as it did to me!
  4. ACC Big 12 Big Ten Pac-12 SEC These are the big five, which are now classified as the "Major" conferences. The other Minor conferences will follow.
  5. Oops! Was not aware of that. Thanks for moving this. Seems like Boise State is the popular decision for the Pac-12. Besides, BYU has a history in the MWC. I'll be releasing a full chart later today. EDIT: Forgot to add this, Charlotte will not be in my FBS. I was not in favor of their promotion.
  6. Hey guys. I've been working on a realignment of the FBS, but I've got a few dilemmas here as far as where to put the teams. I had a few goals here: To put (most) teams back in their original conferences before the realignment wave hit, to bring back old rivalries, and to keep conference sizes reasonable. So my idea was to reduce the conferences to ten, put 12 in six conferences and 14 in four. Here are the problems I have: Should I put Texas A&M and Missouri back in the Big 12 or should I keep them in the SEC? Right now I'm leaning toward the latter for two reasons. One is I'm moving Nebraska and Colorado back to the Big 12 for sure so the Big 12 would have 14 teams and the SEC 12. I don't think there are any other teams that can compete in the SEC so I can't increase the SEC to 14, and I think the SEC is better suited to have 14 teams than the Big 12. Second is, both schools compete evenly with the rest of the competition. A new policy that I'm establishing to go along with this is that non-conference rivalries are to be re-established, so we could have Texas-Texas A&M once again.Which should I put in the Pac-12, BYU or Boise State? I know both could compete in the conference. The Pac-12 is staying at twelve teams. Also, the one I don't pick is going the MWC.Please leave feedback! (Note to mods: If needed, please move this somewhere else. The concepts just seemed like the best place to put it.)
  7. Miami isn't horrible. I agree the three stripes/shockweb is bad, but really, it could've been a lot worse. The MIAMI wordmark is big though.
  8. These aren't very well done. It looks like you just slapped a logo and a wordmark onto a field. You need to take more time on these. pitt6patt, the king of paint football fields, has paid a great attention to detail and made logos work seamlessly throughout the entire field. You need to "painterize" the logo, and then add them. Right now this just looks sloppy.
  9. Russell Wilson: Xbox One.
  10. Can I get my boys Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor all in navy blue, electric green, and wolf gray.
  11. SCLA is awesome! I especially like the crest. The red-yellow-black color scheme doesn't usually work very well when yellow is the dominant color but you made it work perfectly.
  12. Well...this is a start. I would definitely suggest getting this cleaned up with a computer program. Right now I think this has potential. But please, please, please don't do unnecessary gray or black. That would just ruin the look.
  13. I really like this, but it looks too similar to the Texas Rangers. Especially with the exact same five combos, the "Texas" on the home jersey, and the outlining and drop shadow.
  14. Boy, and when I thought I'd seen it all.
  15. MCH925

    Clippers Concept

    I'd rather see orange than red, and I'd dump the sleeved alternate. But otherwise I love this! 8/10!
  16. I love this. The crest lacks nothing to me. The kits are fantastic; however, the only I'd like to see is a red third rather than another white one. But overall, this is just fantastic! Probably not, but I personally like them. I think their something unique to sports in the logo world.
  17. The only thing I'd like to see here is an Atlanta-style piping for all of the jerseys.
  18. Here are my problems with this: The roundel is plain, it needs text in it. I would rather see this Rangers wordmark used as primary and the other one as a throwback alternate. Single-colored red numbers don't really look very good on the white set But overall, you have a pretty good concept!
  19. I don't think you understand how a drop shadow works. It's the same size as the number, but offset a little. You don't just enlarge it.
  20. I like this, but I'd like to see purple emphasized more. And please, please no pinstripes!
  21. International Federation of American Football rather than International Federation of Association Football.