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  1. You can tell from my avi that I'm a fan of blue and gold Mariners. But your concept is definitely the best one I've seen so far.
  3. I know but I'm still new to the whole concept and I'm using paint and find this template easier until I get more experience with newer templates than I will. For I now I'll work with this so far.
  4. Do you need a better template? Actually, let me rephrase that. You need a better template
  5. Could we see Jimmy Graham with the Seahawks?
  6. I'd like to take a look at this concept, but the image isn't working. I think you deleted the image from Imgur as soon as you posted it.
  7. 1. Enter your text 2. Create an arched path 3. Select both, and then go Text > Put on path You should have an arched text now. You can edit the path by adjusting the nodes, but you have to color them separately. Also, any time you move the path, the text will move too, but not vice versa.
  8. I'm pretty sure those don't exist.
  9. Looks too much like the Wizards new logo.
  10. Fantastic, though I wish the Cavs would get rid of navy.
  11. Math CCSLC post counter: Ignore math!Most were duplicates anyway. We know sports,not math. There are 3 types of people in this world: those who can do math and those who can't. (I saw this somewhere online, I don't remeber where) Me
  12. Images aren't working ....and you posted ACC part 2 about 5 times.
  13. I think you should put "EST." on one side and the date is was established on the other side in red. That would fill in the empty space on the sides and add some much needed red.
  14. What the hell? I've been able to do this before, and the dynamic notification bubble never, ever, ever works. Thank you for bringing this up, as I'm experiencing the same problems. Same thing is happening to me. I eventually just cleaned out my nine pages or so of notifications.
  15. Awesome. We Husky fans are proud of our three first round draft picks. And we're also thinking "dang, we're gonna stink this year" after what happened this week.
  16. Could we see Danny Shelton?
  17. I like Japan a lot more. The cream uniform is a nice touch.
  18. Check this out: It has the genuine Seahawks font with the feather pattern on it. If you're using paint or, you just have to put the solid layer down first.
  19. You should probably change the color of the belts on the side view to match the front view.
  20. The blue on the Sounders' home kit needs to be drastically lightened. It's not supposed to be navy.
  21. One year? Already? Man, I still remember when this was started like it was yesterday!
  22. Could I get: Seahawks Home #80 Washington Huskies Road #1 Seattle Mariners Teal jersey #51