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  1. Just a quick question, how do you arch text in inkscape like what you did with Puerto Rico? I've tried to find a way but I'm just stuck.

    1. Enter your text

    2. Create an arched path

    3. Select both, and then go Text > Put on path

    You should have an arched text now. You can edit the path by adjusting the nodes, but you have to color them separately. Also, any time you move the path, the text will move too, but not vice versa.

  2. His profile says 4 posts, but in this thread alone he has 6


    CCSLC post counter: Ignore math!

    Most were duplicates anyway.

    We know sports,not math. ;)

    There are 3 types of people in this world: those who can do math and those who can't. (I saw this somewhere online, I don't remeber where)

    Me :D

  3. I'm trying to 'mark as read' my notifications, but I get this:

    Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.

    What the hell? I've been able to do this before, and the dynamic notification bubble never, ever, ever works.

    Thank you for bringing this up, as I'm experiencing the same problems.

    Same thing is happening to me. I eventually just cleaned out my nine pages or so of notifications.