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  1. I'm just seeing them now, and honestly it's better than I expected. But still the orange-on-orange is pretty bad...
  2. Right now I'm seeing quite a bit of resemblance to the Oregon State Beavers: the facemask stripe, the pant stripe is kind similar, even the font is Beaverton Block, used by OSU.
  3. I'm kinda getting tired of Rodney....

  4. I disagree on the part about the white. I think the home kit has a perfect balance of white and charcoal right now.
  5. Looks like this, except it's not so 90ish. But it looks okay to me.
  6. Real Madrid is great. Love the purple.
  7. Dude, for an Inkscape user, what you've done is incredible. I use Inkscape and I have an incredibly tough time just trying to make a logo.

  8. 2-0, 5-3, and 12-0. Uh oh.

  9. MCH925

    Browns Leak Tweak

    Photo isn't working.
  10. FYI, I am NOT acting superior. Pointing out a rule, and then explaining the way it's enforced, isn't a bad thing to do. We just need to call a truce on this. I can see you're already prejudice against me, but I'd really like to stop this fighting. Agreed?
  11. Just saw this pic. If that's what they're going to use, I'll be overjoyed.
  12. The road kit is okay. I'm not a fan of the black. I think the blue and green look a little unbalanced too. I'd just get rid of black and blue here. Not a bad job here though.
  13. Seattle is perfect!!!! Only problem I have is the MLS logo. It looks kinda weird all green like that.
  14. They can't get rid of the polls using this forum material, but they can put up a rule banning polls. Look in the Forum Guidelines yourself.I meant in the post new topic op editor they have the option in the tool kitI know. That's because the mods (or anybody else, for that matter) can't remove it. But they can still make a rule banning it.
  15. They can't get rid of the polls using this forum material, but they can put up a rule banning polls. Look in the Forum Guidelines yourself.
  16. I love all of those. The throwbacks are what will make this series really interesting.
  17. Oh, and no polls are allowed in the concepts forum.
  18. Okay, a few things here. First, post the image itself, not the URL. You can do that by copy/pasting the image.Take the photo in better lighting because I can barely tell what's going in the jersey.On the template, you should work on refining it. The cap is way too small, the pants barely look like pants, and the jersey is way too big. The concept is pretty bad. The idea of black and blue pants are two things that need to be fixed. The Cubs are a team where if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  19. Really! Hmm, I always thought the B was backwards. Still, I prefer it this way. The logo still looks a little awkward when it's like that.