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  1. The same template being used wasn't the issue with your original thread...

    You could also say it's amusing that you apparently forgot that many other people on this forum strongly disagreed w/ you and even posted explicitly in your original thread saying so lol.

    I find it amusing that Ice man has been using this same template on his concepts, but when I used it, he claimed I stole his work. Good work MCH.

    That was the issue, I used the same template( and number font for the redskins) and was accused of stealing. everyone there saying that I stole your work just latched on to what you said and ran with it. The designs were entirely different and you know it.

    So please explain how using the same template and a number font is stealing( colors were different shades, logo was different, helmet was different)?

    Here's your problem: you said you use paint to make the concepts, but that template isn't available for paint. You obviously just cut/pasted using paint to make it look like your own. You did steal his work.

    Now enough of that. Please, let's get back to the purpose of this thread.

  2. I'd maybe make the stripes on the white jersey and white pants red/blue/red instead of blue/red/blue.

    Why? The standard striping in this set and in most w/ this color scheme is blue/red/blue.

    Here's a Browns update:


    Removed certain combinations: Brown/white, white/cream, orange/white.

  3. Sorry if I've misused a template I apologise.....

    Here is a white kit as well as one re-colored to mimic the little figurine as best I could.


    You misused it, but you continue to post concepts with it?

    I'm asking you to stop using it.

    Unless your intent is to sell it, I don't see what the problem is...

    Ok that makes no sense logically. Let's say you have banana in your lunchbox and one of your coworkers steals your banana and eats it... He says its not a big deal because you had no intent of selling it.

    It doesn't matter if I want to sell it or have the intention of selling it, I created it and I don't want others using it (or using a bastardized traced version of it). It was created as something to differentiate my concepts from others.

    There are plenty of people who have released their template for use, use one or those.


    I will preface my response by acknowledging I am not adding anything to the conversation, but your analogy makes no logical sense. Buying and eating (or in your case being deprived of eating) a banana is in no way comparable to creating a design template and someone else using it.


    Useful feedback: I like the idea of making a kit that resembles the Garibaldi uniform.

    Yes it is. It is completely relevant. You own something, someone steals it from you, and their argument is you weren't intending to sell. Someone can come into your house and steal your TV, and say that it's fine because you weren't intending to sell it. So? What difference does it make? It belongs to a person, and if a person steals it, it doesn't make a difference: they were in the wrong, whether you intend to sell it or not.

  4. That is very messy. First of all, one thing you never do in paint is try to resize an image by hand. As you can see from that, it gets pixelated even more by the uneven spread. If you're going to resize an image, use the resize & skew tool. Second, this gradient design is a bad idea. The color spread is pretty bad. I would stick to two of the three colors you have there instead of using all three.