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  1. Which city exactly is this being held? Or can we pick one?
  2. Hopefully, an update will come for Cal later today, but let's keep moving with Arizona State. TWO colors for ASU: Maroon and gold. Two helmets: maroon and gold. Too pants: maroon and gold. Noticing a pattern? The pitchfork stays as the primary logo, but no longer is it oversized on the helmet. The pitchfork also becomes the main identity. It's used on the pants and jersey. And for those traditionalists, a throwback becomes the alternate. Thanks for the encouragement and C&C so far!
  3. I thought about that. What do you think about blue claws with a yellow outline, like the numbers? Just blue is a little too bland for that set, it leaves out too much yellow.
  4. Trying...trying...really hard... But seriously, I think that's a fair point. Oregon State is probably as good as Illinois, but if the Cougars somehow win out, that would give a lot of weight to Boise State. But I think a lot of that weight would be given unjustly. Boise State caught the Wazzu at a week moment. Coming off a loss to an FCS team and before they started rolling, I think the Cougars weren't playing the same level of football them. I think Houston gets the spot here. Western Michigan doesn't have the schedule strength, while Houston can say they beat a top ten team AND a power five champion, both in games that were far bigger at the time than Boise State/Washington State.
  5. I still think a one-loss Michigan/Ohio State has a good chance of getting in over Washington. Especially if its Ohio State. I think that if the Buckeyes beat Wisconsin this weekend, and then lose to Michigan, an argument could be made that the Buckeyes are unequivocally better than a one-loss Washington team that won the Pac-12. That's just my opinion though. For the first time since...1992. That was the last time the Apple cup had any major conference implications, much less national. Absolutely not. Houston was the only team that ever had a chance to get in as an undefeated Group of 5 champion, because of their games against Oklahoma and Louisville and probably the strongest GO5 conference. Boise State might go undefeated, but that would include wins against a Washington State team that hadn't found their way yet, and Oregon State, which got it's first conference win last week (in overtime at home against Cal). Same goes for Western Michigan. Those two would have a good case for that New Years Six bowl, but not the playoff. Also, if Washington has one loss, they would have wins over all but one of the following; USC, Utah, Arizona State, Washington State, and Cal. Boise and WMU don't have games to match that. Not to mention that the Huskies have already dominated Stanford and Oregon. I don't think either of those two would have a chance up against a one-loss power five champion.
  6. Time for Cal. I changed up the shoulders for Cal, replacing the odd piping around the collar with a pattern that is intended to resemble claws. The numbers on the home jersey have been changed from gold to white The pants have the claws on the side.
  7. Here's my take on the seeding for the top 24 spots: 1. Same 2. Michigan, A&M, Louisville, Tennessee 3. Wisconsin, Baylor, Houston, Nebraska 4. Ole Miss, Utah, Florida State, Boise 5. Florida, Houston, West Virginia, Western Michigan 6. Navy, Auburn, Arkansas, Oklahoma
  8. Here's an update to Stanford: The only change was the double-stripe identity was changed to a single-stripe. Does this separate them from Wisconsin enough?
  9. On to Stanford! Stanford is just so dull IMO. I utilized the double stripe the baseball team uses to give them a little identity. Other than that, it mostly remains the same. TV numbers are added to the shoulders. Let's get a lot of C&C again!
  10. #5 Huskies going with the traditional gold/white/purple combo for tomorrow's rivalry game against the Ducks. The Huskies are sticking with tradition so far this season. They've worn gold/purple/gold for their four home games and gold/white/purple for their two road games.
  11. Good catch, that will be updated. Thanks for the comment. Yep, "Fighting" is on the right side of the pants. The template doesn't have a view of that side though. I can do the nameplates easily, but I prefer the red numbers here. I was originally going to go with white, but the red adds some flavor to the jersey. Thanks for the comments! Interesting note there on next season. Hopefully they don't blow this one too. EDIT: The concept has been updated in the OP.
  12. The reaction to Oregon seems good, so let's move on to Arizona. I've done a very similar concept before. The Wildcats used to use this stripe in their identity, but they dropped it in favor of a gradient-infested set. I personally love the double stripe, so it replaces the gradient. The Tuscon Bold font returns. Three helmets, jerseys, and pants. They could mix and match these however they want. Let's get some more C&C for this one! EDITS: Nameplate colors changed to match jersey numbers. Helmet stripe on back view fixed.
  13. I was just thinking about how wrong all of our preseason predictions were, so I created a chart to show how things have changed. The first column is the preseason AP poll, and the second is the week 5 AP poll. The trend shows the difference since the preseason. And there are bound to be even more changes this week with losses by Stanford, Florida State, Wisconsin, Louisville/Clemson, Georgia, and Texas, and wins by Michigan, Louisville/Clemson, Washington, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, and Tennessee. And there are still some close games involving ranked teams to go.
  14. I thought overbuilt face masks were banned.
  15. I think it's probably a combination of both. I think that Stanford is certainly not that bad, and Udub had a good night. Don't forget it was a sellout home crowd, that always makes it easier to play these tough games. @Oregon, @Utah, and @Wazzu are the most likely losses for the Huskies. Oregon comes next week, and if the Huskies celebrate too much, it would be easy for a letdown on the road against the Ducks. Utah is a good team, and it's tough to come out of Salt Lake City with a win. Wazzu is, well...Wazzu. You never know which team will show up- a JC softball team or the team that beat Oregon last year and gave Stanford all they could handle. The Apple Cup is in Pullman this year, so that will be a very interesting game.
  16. This is how they revealed their combo last week, and for the games against Idaho and Rutgers.. And, "Husky Heritage" is the name they gave to that combo. I think it's safe to say it's for real.
  17. Huskies staying with the gold/purple/gold combo for tomorrow's showdown with Stanford. Honestly, I could not be more relieved. I was pretty certain they were going to go with black. So far, though, they've worn their best combo for each of their first five games.
  18. I've taken another long break from concepts, so consider this my return. I've decided on a redesign of the Pac-12. I've completed all 12 teams before I started this thread, and I will release one every four days. I am going in a completely random order. Here are the release dates: 9/29 (Today): Oregon 10/3: Arizona 10/7: Stanford 10/11: Cal 10/15: Arizona State 10/19: Washington State 10/23: UCLA 10/27: Washington 10/31: USC 11/4: Oregon State 11/8: Utah 11/12: Colorado Starting with Oregon. Oregon gets some consistency in this set I love the "O" on the helmet, so that returns full time. Only (only?) six helmets, six jerseys, and six pants. The Duck is on the sleeves, and the shoulders have a modified wing pattern. The shoulder wings are supposed to be reflective, like this Hit me up with C&C!
  19. Huskies going gold/white/purple against Arizona tomorrow. This is their classic road combo.
  20. This is really ridiculous. Not only are the uniforms terrible, but why would you call it Oregon-izing? Since when does making crazy terrible uniform designs relate to Oregon? Oregon has quite a few, no question, but it seems that anytime any person on these sport sites that aren't uniform exclusive makes out-of-the-box designs, they attach "Oregon" to it. What Oregon is wearing this week is probably the craziest they ever worn (outside of the pink unis). If they really want to compare it something, they should compare it to Mr. Design Junkie. I really don't see any resemblance to Oregon here, just crazy terrible designs with "Let's get Oregon-ized" as the title.
  21. It was bound to happen sometime. Oregon is the only Power 5 team that would ever use this. I HATE that helmet. I don't know why, but I've always hated that one. As you said, maybe it reminds me of Jim Lambright. If I had my way about it, that Huskies would use only use the gold helmets they've used this year. I wouldn't mind if they threw in this helmet occasionally, but death to the black and chrome helmets. Actually, death to all use of blackouts, whiteouts, black and white, chrome, "Husky Stadium jaws", "Northwest frost texture", matte, purple on purple. Get rid of these things and Washington would be flawless.