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  1. Gold- Entry I. This was very well designed, I liked how the Indy 500 was subtly implemented. Very simplistic without being too minimalist.

    Silver-Entry III. I love how the state of Indiana was used in this, as well as the flag of Indianapolis.

    Bronze- Entry IV. Again, simplistic, but not minimalist. I like the soccer/baseball roundel style of it. Probably could've been a bit more detailed, but I would still take it.


    P.S. was the voting supposed to be without knowing who entered them? Because the usernames of the creators are the names of the files, which can easily be seen.

  2. b0S60B5.png



    The Super Bowl never has good logos anymore. That's why it's fun to create my own. The bottom one would preferably be used here.


    And of course, what it would look like on the teams:


    I also switched the Nike logo to gold on both teams, as a little touch since the NFL is going gold-out this year.


  3. 1 hour ago, pitt6pack said:

    I just went back to the old template. I could go with something like on the Redskins field, but the angle in the helmet makes things dificult, and I don't have a good modern template, but I've never seen in the NFL or in college a modern helmet on any field, so I'm not sure what that would look like.


    You've convinced me (and the field also), the blue is great.



    i'd love to find a way to get the NFL to go to a new format for the Super Bowl, fields, logos and all. Even if it's something different and not back to the classic styles, it can be much better than now.

    This looks awesome! Could we see what it would look like with the normal NFC and AFC logos?

  4. Thank you for putting a Super Bowl in Seattle! (They better do that soon)


    I have two complaints. First is that the locations for the next two Super Bowls (LI and LII) have already been determined, and not in the places where you have them (NRG Stadium in Houston and US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, respectively) Second, the logos are very generic. I don't see anything that ties them to the areas or stadiums where they are being played.