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  1. Oakland: Not a fan of mono black, but otherwise it looks good. Philadelphia: The shade of green is perfect, but get rid of black. It muddles the look. Pittsburgh: Not much to say, but the white pants look better than I thought they would. Thank you for changing the font!
  2. Safeco hosted the Seattle Bowl almost 15 years ago. There's a reason why they moved it to CenturyLink (then Seahawks Stadium). And Miami's bowl game was a bust, it was a group of 5 game. Either way, those are substandard locations for championship game of any time.
  3. Excuse me but, if they can host the game at AT&T Stadium, why would they play it at Marlins Park or Safeco? Shouldn't they at least play in a football stadium?
  4. Uh, no. I agree with the above comment, for a soccer team this would be different. I also don't like the changed logo, I think it's better either the way it is or with the green lower body.
  5. Just a question on the throwback idea...what would the Texans, Ravens, and Panthers wear?
  6. Well, how 'bout that? There were two games played today. Carolina won the first one 31-0; Seattle won the second 24-0. Hats off the the Panthers.
  7. I'm willing to bet the Seahawks wear gray pants, which they've done every time they wear blue on the road. Which they should also do every time they wear blue at home... The Seahawks will wear all blue count on it. In fact I will mortgage my house if they don't wear all blue come Sunday (but I won't I am no fool). I wouldn't be so sure. In the last two games they've played in Carolina and worn blue jerseys, they've used the grey pants. In fact, they never used anything but grey pants against in Charlotte (only other game they went gray-out.)
  8. I feel bad for Oakland. A few more years of playing in baseball stadium.
  9. Don't forget Packers. There is your final four. Haha the Pack. That's funny. How about the Cards or Panthers?
  10. Meh. This matchup has about 1% of it's potential. It should be white/red on blue/white. That would look awesome.
  11. True they are similar in shape. The red fill isn't intended to be a bevel like A&M's, but is supposed to simulate a teeth with blood look. A little gimmicky but I think it's just enough to separate them from the red and blue crowd imo.I'll most likely be tackling more teams that could use a facelift. Actually, the font reminds me of New England's.
  12. Can you make these smaller? They're too big for the signatures. The largest size allowed is 860 x 140.
  13. Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies please!
  14. The Seahawks have never used grey pants in the postseason, so I doubt they'll start this year. Though they might try that combo for luck, and it's also worth noting they've used the white jerseys three times in the postseason, while they've used the blue one five times.
  15. Yeah, it shockingly works. The team itself, though.... ugh. You were saying? It was 31-0 at halftime. I guess Gary lit a fire under 'em at halftime. Glad to be wrong, though. Gary's shirt was bad luck. That was the problem.
  16. TCU looks great in purple/purple/white, despite the frogskin pattern. Oregon isn't that bad either (mono white). Ohio State wore white by choice.'s not asking if they did, he's asking why.
  17. Sorry, but I was under the impression that the Mississippi League would be in Mississippi and the Rocky Mountain League would be in the Rocky Mountain region...
  18. Panthers look fantastic!!! They should use that as their regular look.
  19. That Titans helmet is beautiful, and the jersey is really nice too. Great job overall. Houston's home jersey feels a little dark with all that red and blue. Maybe make the TV numbers white or something like that.
  20. Bird poopObliterated Falcon fans' playoff hopes?Why not both? *mexican music plays*Messed up when you consider how it will match up with the other side of the helmet? HINT, HINT!! Considering how stretched out that is, it isn't really obvious. It does look like bird poop.
  21. At this point, refering to this as a "war" or "game" is probably overstating it. It's 35-0 Utes in 1Q. But I agree with you. BYU especially looks good in royal. I wish they would go to that full time.
  22. At least someone has enough sense to use one of the CCSLC's designers. To much of what we see today looks like it was designed by someone pulled off the streets.