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  1. Panthers look fantastic!!! They should use that as their regular look.
  2. That Titans helmet is beautiful, and the jersey is really nice too. Great job overall. Houston's home jersey feels a little dark with all that red and blue. Maybe make the TV numbers white or something like that.
  3. Bird poopObliterated Falcon fans' playoff hopes?Why not both? *mexican music plays*Messed up when you consider how it will match up with the other side of the helmet? HINT, HINT!! Considering how stretched out that is, it isn't really obvious. It does look like bird poop.
  4. At this point, refering to this as a "war" or "game" is probably overstating it. It's 35-0 Utes in 1Q. But I agree with you. BYU especially looks good in royal. I wish they would go to that full time.
  5. At least someone has enough sense to use one of the CCSLC's designers. To much of what we see today looks like it was designed by someone pulled off the streets.
  6. Just a quick fix: helmet stripe removed. Also updated in OP.
  7. Simple, classic, and kelly green!!! Also, the striping is based off the 1980s striping, but I tweaked it and added a grey stripe to the bottom white stripe (green on the away). The lone white stripe felt odd. EDIT: Removed helmet stripe.
  8. I had that game #1 as well. It was pretty close with Detroit/Green Bay though.
  9. I honestly don't care. There's no way that colorblind people had NO idea what was going on in the Jets Bills game with announcers guiding them through. What a poor comment. You're telling me that all of the complaints were invalid? What about this matchup was visually distinct? Two teams wearing solid dark colors from head to toe (both of which are the key colors for this common deficiency), with the same color helmets, and without any contrasting pants or socks. Color blindness is a real thing and yes, this was a royal pain to watch. Couldn't even do it, had to turn it off. And no, I'm not "black and white" color blind. I can tell that the Bills are red and the Jets green. But when the players are moving so fast and smacking each other at the line of scrimmage, it was damn near impossible to distinguish the two. As to your comment about the announcers guiding the watchers, well, we shouldn't have to rely on that. Not how football should have to be watched in the age of HD television. I'm all for color-on-color, but do it when it makes sense with distinct matchups like the Raiders in black versus the Titans in powder blue. This game was a legitimate problem. This is what the game looked like to colorblind people. And they had to watch it from farther away than this. I just hope none of the players were colorblind.
  10. Come on Hawks!!! Let's roll!!!

  11. Shouldn't Alabama be in color, being the higher rank team? Possibility of a red-green game? I'm not sure they go by that. Last year Oregon was the higher ranked team, but Ohio State was the "home" team in the Nat. Champ. game. But I would love a red-green game. That would look just awesome.
  12. Ah!!!! So close!!!! And to lose to our rivals.
  13. Are you sure? I have that template too. Yes, considering I edited the .ai file myself. Yeah I realized you must have a .psd. My version is the .ai.
  14. Are you sure? I have that template too.
  15. USC Interim coach Clay Helton gets named permanent head coach by AD Pat Haden, per Twitter. Honestly I think this is a good decision. Helton beat UCLA, somehow won the South Division, and went 5-2 in his term. I wasn't sure this would happen with the news that Les Miles would probably be fired, but now that he's not an option I'm not surprised. On the subject of the playoff, I think the committee has it easy. Clemson, Alabama, and Oklahoma, barring any upsets, are locks. The Big Ten champion makes it in. That's all there is to it.
  16. Great concept here. I'm not sure what the font is but I love it! This is perfect.
  17. Yeah, I'd agree about WSU. The Huskies, though, look great in those non-satin helmets. Just wish they had purple facemasks instead of black! The facemasks are purple. Taken from today's game: Interesting picture. I saw today Mickens reverted to the number 4 he had worn previously for senior day. I wonder if he came out wearing number 1 for pregame then switched it up for the game. This is the only picture I could find on Getty but both have to be from today based on the helmet. Yeah, I noticed that about Mickens. For Senior Day, it seems appropriate. The facemask looks black to me, but I can see in that upper picture that it's clearly purple. It's just a really dark purple.
  18. Yeah, I'd agree about WSU. The Huskies, though, look great in those non-satin helmets. Just wish they had purple facemasks instead of black!
  19. Yeah, the satin has been wearing on me lately. I'd like to see the classic gold instead of the satin. But still, great to see them going traditional for the Apple Cup.
  20. Nice start! I really like the crest. The font I'd suggest is USM (
  21. Dallas: I really like this look. You executed the colors perfectly and got rid of the inconsistency. Denver: Not bad, but I feel like it's a little generic. Detroit: I was going to say no blue pants until I realized what an all-grey would look like. The Lions are fine. Green Bay: Perfect. Nice job getting the throwback right too.
  22. I agree that it's nice to see yellow/green/yellow again. But what is that pattern on the jersey? It almost looks like camo, but it's certainly not that. Does Oregon have some sort of duck pattern I'm not aware of?
  23. Not a big fan of the yellow numbers on the burgundy jersey, or the gray facemask. I feel it would be better yellow.