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  1. The crest is way too generic, and I'd be surprised if it's not already used by someone anyway.
  2. Cal is finally going white/blue. At least they saved it for The Big Game.
  3. Huskies in chrome helmets and white jerseys today in Corvallis. Don't got the pants yet. EDIT: White pants. Cactus Bowl look. Looks nice in the sun. Oregon State in all black.
  4. No, just keep the stripes colored. Make the stripe red-white-blue-white-blue-white-red - the stripe you have on your away jersey - on the home as well.
  5. I'm not really on board with the striping. If you're going to do that, keep it the same colors on both the blue and white jerseys.
  6. For the sake of the color rush, I disagree with that. Keep the Packers numbers as they are. I agree with the others, these are just throwbacks. Make them a bit more modern. Drop the grey facemasks. Add something different to them. Maybe try changing up the stripe colors on some of these. Just try being a bit more creative. Specifically, add something in between the stripes that are single colored. Or maybe make them taper in some way or use them differently.
  7. Actually, I don't mind the absence of the font and GSH as much as the use of the Baylor Bears font for the wordmark. It would be one thing if this weren't the Chicago Bears, but it basically looks like a recoloring of the Bears' wordmark.
  8. Do you have anything to say besides that? Can't you at least offer some C&C? And I don't mean "looks great" or "nice job". Save your template requests for PMs. They should not be here. George County looks fine, but neither Greyhounds alternate looks right to me. Also, I think your numbers look too big on both.
  9. ASU in maroon/maroon/gold, UW in gold/white/purple. I'm surprise Washington went with that combo, I was expecting all white.
  10. Just looked it guys won 46-0. Wow. Hope you win the state. As for the uniforms, you did a nice job here, but I feels a little empty. Maybe try adding some jersey numbers to the sleeve. Overall a good set though.
  11. GAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. EDIT: Never mind, didn't see one of the above posts.
  13. These two look ridiculous. Specifically the Bills all-red. The NFL twitter is running a poll of which is better. How about NIETHER!!!
  14. So are these concepts or just the team x's current uniforms? Be creative please.
  15. Yeah, but I just won $500 dollars by using my own knowledge of the NFL. Then I sat back, watched some football and watched the cash roll in. I am going to keep on playing because there is no way I can lose!Good for you. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who do this are dummies like me who know very little about it. The truth is, this is gambling just like anything else. This is the same as gambling as NFL games, except it's just on individual players. I'm glad New York chose to classify it as gambling. Good riddance. Oh yeah, and I hate those ads too.
  16. Nope. No real train wrecks in week 9. Bengals-Browns? Yeah that was Reebok piping mess vs Nike execution disaster. I'd put that on the worst list.
  17. So I haven't been following this thread but anyone know what to make of this?
  18. Much better. Much, much better. You should try white as a road jersey, though. I do notice one quirk with the grey jersey. I think you might've been attempting to fill certain parts of the jersey, but you filled the incomplete paths that make the outline of the sweat boxes. Those are supposed to be stroked only and not filled.
  19. should i just switch the teal and dark teal Both. Back to aqua and orange.
  20. The Dolphins look awful with that navy-teal color. Please just get rid of that and stick to aqua.
  21. Buffalo: You didn't change anything here, which I think is fine. I would like to see what a red jersey with white pants would look like. Carolina: The grey muddles the look since you didn't use it anywhere else. I'd replace it with white.
  22. Oh no please go back to the blue helmet. I just didn't want blue pants on the home.
  23. Giants: Absolutely perfect. I tried the same idea once. Seahawks: Please please PLEASE get rid of mono blue. The green collar center doesn't work well either. I like getting rid of grey though. And by the way, Sherman is #25
  24. I'm expecting the Huskies will go with this look against Utah: It's what they wore at this time last year, and they've already release promotionals with that helmet on it. A "military appreciation", they're calling it.
  25. Haha yeah. It's like a high school game.