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  1. If this means we don't have to listen to any of those commercials anymore, it's about :censored: ing time.

    Yeah, but I just won $500 dollars by using my own knowledge of the NFL. Then I sat back, watched some football and watched the cash roll in. I am going to keep on playing because there is no way I can lose!
    Good for you. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who do this are dummies like me who know very little about it.

    The truth is, this is gambling just like anything else. This is the same as gambling as NFL games, except it's just on individual players. I'm glad New York chose to classify it as gambling. Good riddance.

    Oh yeah, and I hate those ads too.

  2. Much better. Much, much better. You should try white as a road jersey, though.

    I do notice one quirk with the grey jersey. I think you might've been attempting to fill certain parts of the jersey, but you filled the incomplete paths that make the outline of the sweat boxes. Those are supposed to be stroked only and not filled.