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  1. DSaline97 beat me to it, but


    I forgot it was Pinktober already

    Wow this looks awesome!

    I really like it.

    I think you're hopelessly optimistic...which I don't blame you for when it's your own team.

    I think it looks like trash. It would looks five times better if there was no pink, and ten times better if there was not pink or grey. Boise State, your colors are BLUE and ORANGE. Not BLUE, ORANGE, GREY, and BLACK.

  2. Oregon and Oregon State will both be wearing decals to honor the victims of yesterday's shooting at Umpqua Community College. Oregon looks to be wearing it on their yellow helmets against Colorado this weekend while OSU will have to wait to wear them on the field since they have a bye week.


    I was just about to post this.

    Hooray for yellow helmets!

  3. What does everyone think about this jersey?



    I find it 25 years outdated and very dated, especially with the dumbest call in Super Bowl history by Pete Carroll.

    Now this one on the other hand I like alot better:


    I don't appreciate the "dumb Pete Carroll call" call, especially since it wasn't...


    Lol I wasn't saying it turned out well. If this isn't enough to shut up everyone who says they should've run it...


    ...this is what would've happened. And you know what everyone would be saying? "They should've passed".

  4. Oh great...let the fun begin


    The Huskies are blowing the Pac-12 opener. Lets hope that Cal doesn't go white on white for this one.

    We probably will or maybe we will wear the all gray thinking we might actually break out that alternate helmet that was shown sure there was a "beat texas and you can wear an alternate helmet" thing

    You guys have grey alternates?

  5. huskieshelmet2_zpsccq2s8d5.jpg

    That look is beautiful. By far their best right now.

    Easily agreed. Don't get to see Pacific Twelve games being on the East coast but that's up there with SoCal, Stanford and Colorado for my money.

    And purple is so underrated. All the BCS teams that wear it are above grade - K-State and La.State prominently.

    Fixed ;) And I'm pretty sure you should get most of the Pac-12 games same as I get a lot of SEC and ACC games.

    I'd have to agree there though. The Huskies are probably the worst of the purple-users, maybe a little better than TCU. At least black is one of TCU's colors.