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  1. I don't know if your doing requests or not but could you please do west ham united
  2. After my long term hiatus I'm back and I'm hoping I'll medal in this
  3. For Canberra IMO looks too much like a mix of Richmond and west coast
  4. I actually like it but change the pant striping and it's pretty good
  5. I like it but try an attempt at making your own kind of sword
  6. I like it I just don't like the print on the numbers
  7. I like the subtle changes on it but I just don't like the font on the jerseys
  8. You could have at least messages me about it ice_cap
  9. Manchester United IMO has to be a pretty overrated logo
  10. Ok sorry in thought it was overrated because I have heard lots of time that it's good
  11. In my opinion I think the old cavaliers logo is one of the most underrated logos In recent memories While I think the most overrated logos in my opinion is the current dolphins logo