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  1. The Colorado Rockies are apparently getting a new uniform next year. Dick Monfort said so in an email response to a fan.
  2. Adidas Alternates Catalog list
  3. Looks like Army officials may have a problem with Vegas using Golden Knights due to confusion with their parachute team.
  4. Why is most of the merchandise in the NHL shop for the Panthers only available with the secondary logo (saying Panthers) and not the primary (saying Florida) as the crest? You think most would be for their primary mark. NHL Panthers Shop
  5. The Anaheim Ducks rebrand was a huge deal with tons of posts and speculation.
  6. Those jerseys are amazing! It definitely would look better without the patch though.
  7. Wow. Those are bad. There's so many things wrong; the useless lines of silver thrown in every which way, front/back colour differences, unappealing font...I can go on. It looks like four different jersey ideas just smashed together.
  8. Total downgrade. I had to do a quick second take because I thought this was a joke. It looks like a cartoon head, way too detailed, and very amateur. Not NFL caliber.
  9. That's some horrible beveling. Do it right or not at all.
  10. fonz

    Pepsi Co. Redesign

    Didn't they just rebrand a few years ago?
  11. That would be pretty interesting to see!
  12. Damn.. For some strange reason I want their toys now.
  13. They look extremely generic and done by a 13 year old.
  14. The angular aspect of this shield is something I can not get over. It would look much better straightened out.
  15. I think the country's currency reflects its aesthetics in design.