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  1. Hey guys, I want to thank you for the positive reactions made from this set. I have made updates based off the feedback I got. I Updated the number font to match with the "Rise Up" Spikes that tail off of each letter. I also swapped the silver facemask for the original black. Lastly I Included a grey option based off their traditional gray pants worn back in the 90s. I would also like some suggestions of other teams I should try and update. Thanks again and enjoy!
  2. Hey Everyone. Since seeing what Nike and the Atlanta Falcons released on Wednesday, I decided to fix what they screwed up. While there are some things in the design I liked, I felt they went overboard with with the emphasis on ATL. I also felt the numbers appeared wonky and just didn't fit with the overall scheme. Lastly the stripe. I really was puzzled to see how they tried to make that stripe work. It feels forced and while it works in relation to the logo, I feel they could have been more creative. Putting the stripe on the sides just seemed very lazy and outdated. Using these as my focal points to fix I came up with this design concept. This is my first go at creating a concept and posting it on here so any suggestions or constructive criticism would be great! I hope you guys like what you see!
  3. "@TopSportBattles: Lance strikes again https://t.co/WMWQgEPtmu" has anyone seen this lol

  4. RT @SydneyKleinert: Y'all can't complain about school until you have to walk across campus in the pouring rain & 28 degrees. Shut up & go t…

  5. RT @BestScenees: When the whole squad start roasting you http://t.co/pNgE6eZlBF

  6. Real-life Peter Griffin might be most accurate cosplay ever http://t.co/P3FBaqVkPm via @mashable Too funny

  7. Hawks got the shaft on a bull :censored: call

  8. This man needs food and places be closed

  9. I guess that is my resolution to make that happen and to where I can say I live on my own.

  10. I must be a piece of :censored: since no one wants to text me back

  11. RT @Matt_Olszewski: Well gang 2014 is coming to a close and there's been some good, but also some bad.. Join me as I look ahead to 2015..

  12. Looking at time hop right now and realizing how last minute my party was last year and was still a good turn out

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