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  1. Hey guys, I want to thank you for the positive reactions made from this set. I have made updates based off the feedback I got. I Updated the number font to match with the "Rise Up" Spikes that tail off of each letter. I also swapped the silver facemask for the original black. Lastly I Included a grey option based off their traditional gray pants worn back in the 90s. I would also like some suggestions of other teams I should try and update. Thanks again and enjoy!
  2. Hey Everyone. Since seeing what Nike and the Atlanta Falcons released on Wednesday, I decided to fix what they screwed up. While there are some things in the design I liked, I felt they went overboard with with the emphasis on ATL. I also felt the numbers appeared wonky and just didn't fit with the overall scheme. Lastly the stripe. I really was puzzled to see how they tried to make that stripe work. It feels forced and while it works in relation to the logo, I feel they could have been more creative. Putting the stripe on the sides just seemed very lazy and outdated. Using these as my focal points to fix I came up with this design concept. This is my first go at creating a concept and posting it on here so any suggestions or constructive criticism would be great! I hope you guys like what you see!
  3. no elf exists now if you're going with what they just revealed.
  4. As a bears fan I demand you stop what you're doing right now!!! No I like your concept. Try doing the stripes on their sleeves for the front so there would be 3 stripes across the chest. As for the GSH tribute create a seal with those initials and slap those on the sleeves. For the pants I would consider doing their current strip but shortening it before it hits the tops and bottoms of the pants. Also get rid of the white front collar just seems to have no point for it to exist in the uniform. Just my CC
  5. Everything looks great! However, I would stick with white and black straps for the skills challenge helmets. A different colored strap would just look goofy.
  6. "@TopSportBattles: Lance strikes again" has anyone seen this lol

  7. That would be awesome. I just need to bust out my Miami concept. Been wanting to ever since I heard they swapped sponsors. Cant say I agree with it but if they look like anything close to what you made I wouldn't even be mad.
  8. These are awesome but I must ask, how can I get this adidas template!? I NEED IT!!!!
  9. RT @SydneyKleinert: Y'all can't complain about school until you have to walk across campus in the pouring rain & 28 degrees. Shut up & go t…

  10. RT @BestScenees: When the whole squad start roasting you

  11. Real-life Peter Griffin might be most accurate cosplay ever via @mashable Too funny

  12. Hawks got the shaft on a bull :censored: call

  13. This man needs food and places be closed