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  1. okay, this may sound crazy... but what if instead of the regular primary logo... you made the 50 yard line... a bolt
  2. as a knicks fan, i prefer a rounded neck, but like what you've done, and love the alternate
  3. i think for the logo you should have the correct colors of the maryland flag, and no ghost lettering on the road jersey
  4. i think the logo on the pants is too big, but i do like the wings and red helmet. you should consider red numbers to go with the name
  5. idk why but i think of a tex-mex fast food restaurant when i look at this
  6. White Sox: Alt: Use the regular cap, great uni though Indians: Use the C on the cap, or Chief Wahoo; either use the font on the current home alt jersey for the home, or make it white. Angels: make the text on the road say ANGELS. i know the name is stupid, but they are Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, mainly because Los Angeles Literally means the angels. also, lose the blue caps and jerseys. Reds: add a black outline to the road jersey Rockies: keep purple
  7. Kings- For the road uni, you should make the side panel gold Rockets- for the alt, the name and number should be red
  8. just out of curiosity, i'd like to see an all burgundy look
  9. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT......................the raptors have drake night?
  10. Also, they need to update the logo on the front
  11. maybe consider a logo with the beak closed, but still threatening, as is Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, and i personally prefer a side view
  12. with no outline on the helmet, what would the primary logo look like?
  13. Seahawks-Good, Consider using blue numbers instead of gray Chargers-Make the Bolt Accents Yellow, and consider blue pants 49ers-Replace white with red on the jersey, keep in mind the no alt helmets policy in the NFL, consider going monochrome Lions-Possibly include Black Pants Raptors-Try making a modern day version(Black and Red) Grizzlies are good