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  1. Hey! I fell in love with this font from the moment I saw it. I especially like the numbers. I was a jersey patcher for NBA 2K series for PC and I wanted to create jerseys of the University of Louisville. I created some numbers, but other I couldn't find, so I invented them. Two weeks ago I find official pdf on Adidas site with the whole series of numbers. I also found the rest of the digits on the internet. I created Louisville Cardinals font on last week and I decided to share it with you. It my first try on creating fonts, so don't judge strictly. I want to give credits to Jack Clabough, .Conrad and Glyphsapp.com Download PS: check # and @ when you will use this font
  2. 1 - It's stupid. The placement of the number is moved, unlike all the other jerseys. Secondly, replace the logo with a really similar logo? Dumb. 2 - Yeah, please have Wardell on it. Agree. This year's Christmas Jerseys are about nothing. I don't like sleeved jerseys, but last year's sleeved christmas jerseys looks good. And compared with these year they were awesome!