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  1. While I'm curious as to what Uniwatch has to say about it, did anybody else think that the crimson/white/white vs black/black/gold combination in the SEC Championship game looked nice? (Though part of me wished Mizzou would stick with the matte golden tiger helmets)
  2. (includes facemasks) And just because....why not? - I've always felt that the Colts looked better with white cleats (but that's probably because that's the uniform with which I grew up). That's a whole different discussion, though.
  3. The advantage of this uniform set is that it takes the decision whether or not to blind myself out of disgust at their play out of my hands. All you need now is a...err...player in a "fierce" stance in front of a black background (don't forget the smoke) with his gloves together to show the slogan: "Horn 'em!"
  4. Agreed. I understand they were trying to follow the striping pattern, but it looked like the number and NOB were starting to melt off in the wash. A straight NOB/number alone would have improved those sweaters immensely.(Boss to person sewing on the numbers): No no no, Johnston YOU IDIOT! Those numbers are perfectly straight and organized! They're supposed to be crooked and wonky! Look! Look at how straight and square they are! They look terrible!