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  1. Your work is truly awesome, such a great idea! Been admiring it for awhile. I'd be incredibly pleased if you found the time to do one or both of these. I'm also considering having them put on a hat (bottom logo on the front, top logo on the sides) ... somebody mentioned they hired you to make an additional file? Please PM me if we can work something out. I know the black silhouette is a lot, not sure how it would turn out. I also have a version in olive drab, but probably not much better being a solid color still. Thank you for your consideration. -Church
  2. These are absolutely amazing. Great job, they all look wonderful. Wish I had something to request, lol.
  3. I entered to win in #TERA's Spirit Wolf Giveaway. Enter to win your own now! https://t.co/fErUfTjOVE

  4. RT @TheShadowEdge: Thanks, @Turn10Studios for the #HotWheels Camaro! Launch #ForzaMotorsport5 on the #XboxOne to get yours! @Hot_Wheels htt…

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