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  1. Notre Dame does it perfectly imo. 1 simple and recognizable home uniform, 1 simple and recognizable road uniform, 1 alternate uniform worn once per year to satisfy the people who like the kewl new trends.
  2. What maryland should do is go back to the script "Terps" on a white shell. Of their more recent helmets though, the banner design is much better than the airbrushed flag helmet. They both look pretty bad though.
  3. Ohio looks really nice tonight. Anyone else wish they added the double stipe to the pants? I feel like it would really complete the look. Bowling Green's orange jerseys don't look good to me, they're a really reddish shade of orange. The orange color on the helmet stripe and logo looks much better. The pants also aren't great, the side panel is a different material and sticks out pretty badly. Also wordmarks on the pants, ew. Really digging the helmet though. I just feel like BG has some really nice colors and logos, and they have a chance to look really good, but the uniforms just aren't quite that great.
  4. Oregon has the smaller wing design in addition to the O on their helmets. It's in a (very slightly) darker shade of silver than the rest of the helmet. Not sure if this was already a known feature on these helmets, but it's pretty much pointless, you can barely see it even when they show a close up on TV.
  5. ESPN is still using the old FSU spear logo on the graphic before they go to commercial.
  6. Its alright. I'm okay with the uniforms. Not a fan of the helmet, the logo blends into the shell way too much. It's an improvement over the chrome alternates from the last few years though.
  7. This logo has a ton of potential, but it needs a little cleaning up. The shark has a hunchback look going, you need to try to make the shape of the back a little smoother. Not sure what kind of shark you were going for, but if it's a great white the fins need to be much thicker. If it's a mako, they only need to be thickened slightly. Either way, the dorsal fin is the only one thick enough, but it needs to be taller. The tail looks a little strange as well. Finally, the gills are a little too high up on the body. Look at reference photos to help. Once you fix this up though, it's really good looking. I love the color scheme, it's unique and really works well. Also a quick note, I had never heard of a clipsal before, so I looked it up and the only thing I could find was an Australian brand of electrical accessories, not sure if that's what you were going for or not with the team name.
  8. The thicker beak makes it look like an eagle to me now. You should go back and look at jaha32's post, he made some really good points about how to fix the beak, which I think will make the bird look aggressive and clearly show that it is a hawk.
  9. Looks a lot better, great job. It's a really minor thing, but I think it would look better if the logo and wordmark were slanted the other way. If you look at most teams with slanted scripts (think MLB)they tend to slant up from left to right because that is the way our eyes are trained to read it.
  10. This is really nice! Definitely a lot better than what they currently have. I honestly don't think there's much you can do to fix the primary, its already a really good looking logo. I was going to suggest a more rounded mustache, but the more I look at it the way you have it is really growing on me. As for the football helmets, I think the sheriff star would look nice on the side. If it looks too simple, you could add an updated PC initial inside.
  11. 1. I don't believe it's too generic, the bird as part of the F is pretty unique to the best of my knowledge and works really well as a high school logo. That being said, the bird looks a little bored to me. It's a little bit too rounded overall, I would add a few more angular lines, particularly in the beak. The beak is definitely the main reason the bird looks bored, I think the eye is ok, but you could also make that a little more aggressive looking if you choose. Right now the mouth looks too small, maybe extending it a little farther back would help. 2. I'm not entirely sure if it's shaded right, it does look a little off but I can't quite figure out why. I do think the hawk head should have a white highlight to tie it in better with the letter. 3.Eagles tend to be stronger and more heavily built than hawks, so if you think you need to, you can slim it down a little to make it more hawk-like. Be careful not to go too far or you'll get a falcon. To me, it looks fine as it is. 4. Yes, but don't overdo it. Outside of the beak, it looks pretty good as is.