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  1. If this is considered bumping I would like to apologize. But anyway THE IHA IS BACK!...again. First off I would like to say that myself and @Darknes have been helping out @BostonStrong13, mostly with names, colors, locations, etc. However, as of recent I've been coming up with the designs for some of the uniforms, so every so often, I will be uploading some of the in this case. So without further ado, next team on the list: Kharkiv Devils: The Devils were the the affiliate of the Kiev Angels, until like Hollywood got promoted to the WHL. So, unlike Hollywood, I went with a more traditional route for the Devils. White is Home Black is Away
  2. Fair enough, I was just hoping to here something prior to reading...but alas no spoilers for me.
  3. So I haven't been on the thread in a while, have the Imperials been relevant recently?
  4. Since no team is in New York , I might as root for Honolulu or Moscow who I can't wait to see!
  5. Les Québécois sont de retour bébé !!!!!! Les trois premiers Coupes Global! Now Let's be the first to go back to back! As well as to 4! Also what a career for the Stevey Y! A perfect end to the captain's career! Also while I personally would've retired 19 but still let Jumbo Joe where (as the last person to wear it) but I think giving the next captain not alone the "C" but also his number to honour him and let the story of number 19 continue is a beautiful piece of tradition that exemplifies the values of Les Quebecois. Also I don't mind that trade of Flower for Brodeur French-Canadian talent for French-Canadian talent. And what's better that he is a native Montréalais! @TheHealthiestScratch Told you it would be amazing.
  6. Once Montreal gets back in it a Moscow-Montreal Cup Final would be amazing!
  7. Four things: 1. Welp, Boston is stuck with Les Québécois at 2 Cups a piece...Lets beat them to 3 Montreal! 2. I love how even in this universe Martin Biron still ends up in Buffalo!!!! 3. I mean when isn't Montreal booed... and finally...CROSBY!!!!!!!
  8. After seeing both Ducks away uniforms, I have to say I like the original more it has a certain charm to it. Honestly (and ironically considering I'm a Rangers fan) I can't wait for the Fishlanders...oh and the Habs and Yotes
  9. Just a suggestion how about the 4 major N.American sports/leagues (NHL,NBA, NFL, MLB)?
  10. I think the flyers are better in black..well at least in my opinion.
  11. Oh g-d another St. Louis and Pittsburgh final. Also what a career for Sorel! Too bad he didn't get the perfect ending.
  12. Also just realized the only two teams to win multiple championships are Boston and Montreal with 2 a piece
  13. Dare I'd Montreal do in the draft?
  14. Fair enough, though the year 2000 patch seems to have a little bit more space between the "R" and the shoulders...also I'm guessing the Fishlanders are next.
  15. Rangers are nearly perfect. 1. no patch unless it on the alt or it's anniversary patch... 2. NHL 100th patch should not be on the front of the's too squished so personally I believe it should be on the shoulder
  16. Come on Montreal! Let's uhhh...well...t-try to be relevant again...maybe
  17. JCR back at it again with the awesome concepts! Interesting move with the White pants for the alt and whilst I love the Weagle... I think a recolored Capital building would look real nice
  18. I like the Rangers, though I don't agree with patches at least on the Home jeresy
  19. Félicitations pour une carrière étonnante Patrick Roy! Your number will hang with the banners and Guy Lafleur's!
  20. I pray the original six teams get an "out" like the reebok edge switch over... That being said I'm scared for the Rangers
  21. Detroit, looks amazing. Hollywood... scares me...but its nice