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  1. A's look terrific! This should be their full time look.
  2. Time to head North to Seattle with the Mariners! I love the teal caps and jerseys worn by the Mariners with their current set. It's a unique look and I think if given the chance to make a statement the Mariners would head in the direction of emphasizing teal. The NBA statement uniforms often use a similar style or elements from the standard home and away uniforms but push it into retro or recolored places. With that in mind, I've done a teal-heavy take on the retro '70s Mariners. Many thanks to @Victormrey for letting me borrow his swirling logo design. C&C as always. Enjoy!
  3. In one sense the Diamondbacks comparison really works because the original Mighty Ducks of Anaheim kit, original Diamondbacks kit, and the Disney-era Angels kit all emerged out of the same mid-90's aesthetic. All three of those designs came out between 1993 and 1997. Every team dressed up for laser tag.
  4. Depends on which royal house you're referring to: Capet/Valois - Blue and gold - 9th to 16th C. Bourbon - White and gold - 16th to 19th C. Orleans - Blue, white, red - 19th C. I love the Royaux, the blue/red in particular, especially the crown design. My favorite overall Expos set is probably the eM design but I like the M-Fleur-de-lis logo better.
  5. That Whips-inspired design is too good. Solid color numbers with only a white outline, blue numbers on the back, red on the front, the rocket-popcicle stirrups. Everything about this is just a perfect balance of color. Excuse me but I need to go have a Scotch after looking at that set.
  6. Terrific job on the Expos! Minor quibble: the dual flags sort of look like a "T" which combined with the split white/blue details make me think Toronto.
  7. I think this looks pretty perfect. Good use of the headspoon exemption with the differing cuff and pants striping. Then again I went to Loyola so I think you and Coco are required by law to (deservedly) dismiss my opinion.
  8. If one team had gone mono white or mono black, cool. If a few others had gone mono blue, red, gold, etc., that’d been outstanding. If you want to go with the player-centric angle maybe covert the team script on the front to hometown of the individual? I know I’d strongly consider ponying up some dough for a José Abreu jersey with “Cienfuegos” in 87-90 Sox script.
  9. Liked the above @SFGiants58 comment solely for the obscure movie reference.
  10. Not my best prose. I was talking about the pushback in some corners against bat flips, chains, fun cleats, and anything that colors outside the lines.
  11. What made the Players Weekend promotion a treat over the past two seasons was that it was FUN. For as much as baseball has struggled with resistance to players showing joy on the field, at least for a weekend some of the shackles came off. Using nicknames, bright colors, unique scripts or cap logos, all that was able to allow those games to feel a little less serious and a little less grim. For 2019, baseball has seemingly stripped a good promotion of its unique character. Instead of fun, bright colors unique to each team we get everyone in black and white. A team or a few teams wearing all black or all white would have been ok but everyone doing it all at once robs the games of individuality. We don't even get unique jersey scripts since, except for the White Sox and Mariners, every team is wearing their regular jersey and cap designs. Its mind boggling that a promotion originally based on being light-hearted, whimsical, and quirky has pulled a complete 180 into grim sameness.
  12. I really like that number font and how it blends with the jersey script. Its especially good on the fauxback.
  13. I'd swap the purple and turquoise on the new D-Backs home uniform. Other than that it looks great.
  14. Great job on the Dodgers. The checkered alternate is my favorite.
  15. I think the face of the Chief should be bronze (as it is normally) rather than yellow. Some uncomfortable history there.
  16. Simple but highly effective decision to switch the colors of the script/numbers from black to red. It really makes the colors pop, especially the turquoise.
  17. I don't necessarily hold the silver/black swap on the road numbers too strongly against them. (Frankly I think they ought to be permanent.) Especially given that there's has been absolute continuity nearly everywhere else. Given that, their continuity should date to 1963.
  18. OH my gosh you're right. Forgot about those. Poor Drew Bledsoe we've forgotten ye, already. Backtracking to the helmet logo question, it there some moratorium on helmet logos as major changes in the early 60's? The league pushed really hard to add logos for branding purposes (especially since the league had recently gone away from leather shells) and I tend to look differently at logos slapped on the side (Packers, Giants, etc.) compared with ones more integral with the helmet style (Eagles, Rams, etc.). I wouldn't necessarily count the Colts as making a major change except for the shift from the horseshoes on the back of the helmet verses the side. Maybe that's the line, in the immediate changeover to plastic shells, it would take a specific stylistic adaptation beyond adding the sticker itself that counts.
  19. I think it's less of a deal based on 1. how it was introduced and 2. continuity within the rest of the uniform. 1. The introduction of the original "C" in 1962 came about as George Halas was among the last teams in the NFL (apart from the Browns) to actually add a helmet logo. The logo was specifically plain white so it would show up against the dark helmet on black and white televisions. It didn't shift to orange and white until color TV's were more available. (Visibility for black and white television, I suspect, may also be the reason the thin white striping was add to the orange stripes on the home jersey.) So the shift to orange is more a direct result of the technology finally catching up to match the orange "C" practicable. It happened with a lot of NFL teams at that time, for example the Packers 1959 uniform is identical to their 1961 uniform apart from the addition on the helmet logo. Ditto for the 49ers, Giants, Lions, and Cardinals. 2. The uniform itself has remained arguably unchanged since the early '50s when Bears switched to rounded numerals. The only addition is the aforementioned white details on the orange stripes. The shift to rounded numbers is the only major change to the uniforms since the 40's. It's actually quite a remarkable feat. To give some comparison, apart from a couple seasons in the early AFL Raiders and Oilers, the Chicago Bears were the only team to wear non-block numerals until the 1997 Denver Broncos (a full 35 years).
  20. I'd say you could trace the Bears' look back to 1962. The "C" on the helmet is almost an after thought and both home and road jerseys have been unaltered (not counting the GSH) since them. Honestly, the NFL considers the color of the "C" so unimportant that they're letting the Bears wear the white "C" for a game against the Giants this year without it counting as an additional throwback/alternate. I count the alterations by the Colts as insignificant apart from the brief introduction of grey in the 80's. So the Colts' look is older it's just not continuous.
  21. I love the Rockies design but want to propose a minor tweak: thin the lettering out a tiny bit. Right now the two inner points of the letters nearly touch. I wonder if slightly more slender lettering would have double effect of making the space a little more clear and letting the yellow shine through a bit more.
  22. Surprised by the horseman patch logo given that generally gladiators fought each other on foot, e.g. the Murmillo, Thrax, Secutor, and Retiarius.