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  1. Very nice. Royals had a great season this year. I'm just like you; I'll only wear the jerseys of my favorite teams. I have two Joey Votto Jerseys and a Jay Bruce jersey. All on field authentics.
  2. This is classic. You can't find these anywhere. I have a co-worker that played football at The Citadel. He would love this.
  3. Finally found my Cincinnati Bengals Carl Pickens jersey that I had been looking for. I collect strictly Bengals and Reds jerseys with an assortment of NHL jerseys. Also looking for a Kentucky Thoroughblades jersey, my favorite team as a kid, they are now the Worchester Sharks.
  4. Did the New Orleans Hornets ever play the Seattle Supersonics? That could be one.
  5. The Pittsburgh Steelers could definitely do without wearing those hideous bumblebee uniforms that they've worn a few games these last few seasons. The alternate navy blue Packers uniforms are almost equally as bad.