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  1. Making fun of white guys is okay,Cause at the end of the day they still own everything.

  2. I see what you mean thanks. and I've experimented with it on Illustrator and Photoshop but I'm not doing it any justice.
  3. RT @_TonyHilfiger: When you meet her in person and she dont look like 117 faves http://t.co/27rOElCdG1

  4. Sometimes, someone comes along and changes everything you ever thought you knew. http://t.co/vVdEAjb6P0

  5. "Bashar Al-Assad is angry 'cause he can't grow a legitimate mustache." - Seji

  6. I've looked at it so much I totally forgot to adress that, Those are post it notes I did over the original on slight revisions I thought it needed this is the original.
  7. So I'm not great at graphic design (By the way if anyone is and would like to digitalize this for me that would be fantastic) so I just drew this out by hand. Gators, concept. Also first blog post, what do you guys think?