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  1. Tonight just absolutely SCREAMED aqua throwbacks for the ultimate old-school AFL look probably of ALL TIME. One of the rarest combos EVER w/ Miami aqua vs. Raider white. There are not words to describe how much I HATE the monocolor looks and the new aqua the Dolphins wear now. Disgusting.
  2. I support the no-nickname option. It is the best way to call attention to the ridiculousness of the whole pc situation. It also allows the people of North Dakota to unofficially use the nickname they choose, which is their right.
  3. All-one-color uniforms should be outlawed. So should black alts.
  4. This is just artwork, the Dolphins have never played in a game where both teams wore colored jerseys. It's hard enough to ever get them to wear aqua all by their selves LOL. As I have posted elsewhere, they have never worn aqua against the Seattle Seahawks anytime, anywhere in their entire history, and have never worn aqua against Carolina in any regular-season game.
  5. The Saints serif font #'s match their historic wordmark VERY well. They should make that change at some point! I realize those are sort of Ravens-like (or Avalanche-like too) but it works for them. They need to have the Type 1A numeral "9" and all the others be the Type 1 design. Especially since their jersey sales would predominately be #9 anyway, can't imagine why... The font has a little bit of the French Provincial feel to it to go along with the fleur-de-lis.
  6. New to the site and I want to say for the record that I HATE ALL-ONE-COLOR MONOCHROME LOOKS. They should be BANNED from sports. Being a Dolphin fan, I long for Aqua. Anytime. Anywhere. As long as it's not aqua on aqua. Seahawks... bring back the grey, Rams... no old gold, Saints.... LOSE BLACK PANTS, jets... disband the franchise. I am extremely opinionated about uniforms. I belong here!
  7. First post, LOVE this site and thread! Thought I would add some things, and also ask for input. Here is the Miami Dolphins in aqua vs. the Seattle Seahawks in white: Has NEVER happened in the history of the 2 teams! I wonder if there are any other non-existent or super rare combos out there ( I suspect the Cowboys have never worn blue against several teams)
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