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  1. Good to see that in this world, Tennessee has a football team that doesn't completely suck (at least for the time being).
  2. Meet Sean Flores, from Tampa, Florida (well Clearwater if you want to be specific). Sean, at only 28 became a prominent financial advisor to the stars in the southeast. Flash forward four years to today and the Yale graduate owns a few hotel chains and valuable properties in addition to his stock market advising business FloCo Financial. He is a generally dislikable guy with a lot of cash and no care for other people's feelings. Typical business man stuff. Sean votes for 1. Nashville- Quickly growing city with many young people, also a great sports city. 2. Houston- Great city, and it's very diverse, it'd really help expand the fanbase. He refuses to vote on a number three because he can't vote for his hometown, not that he cares about his hometown, but he has clients who do.
  3. 1. This is one of my favorite threads I've seen in a looooong time. Well done! 2. You've done a great job making it feel vintage. 3. Glad to see my Vols in there. Can't wait to see more!
  4. 1. Nashville- Quickly growing city with many young people, also a great sports city. 2. Houston- Great city, and it's very diverse, it'd really help expand the fanbase. For three I can't decide between Tampa and Atlanta
  5. It's nice to see you work small universities into the league, nice UNF Ospreys reference.
  6. As much as I love my Vols, they (and the SEC as a whole) aren't as big on newer sports. I'd say late 70's-early 80's. But the good thing is that once they decide to hop on the bandwagon, they do well (check Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball) Some notes on other colleges, I'd skip New Orleans for now. I'd add Akron, they're in the area, and had a lot of Goodyear money at the time. Boston U and Boston College were huge at the time in the same vein as ND, Nova, and Xavier. I also have some personal favorites just because I want to see them: Furman Michigan State MTSU (maybe in the mid-60's) Vanderbilt (similarly to the Ivy League, they hop on trends quickly) Stanford (see above) I am a huge college athletics nerd, so if you want to talk more about collegiate options (both with teams and the way it is run), feel free to message me about it
  7. I think not only should all Ivy League schools get Driveball teams (they were early on all the sports trends), but also Philly's Villanova would be a good Driveball school.
  8. Those Cyborg's uniforms are the best thing I've seen all day.
  9. Just found this thread. It's fantastic! Hoping to see the South represented soon (preferably with a Nashville team, Nashvillians can get behind anything.)
  10. Damon Jude (51) is a American businessman and lover of walruses. Growing up in Murfreesboro, TN, Jude was taught the value of hard work. He took the experience he learned on his father's dairy and rutabaga farm and applied it to his wildly successful business of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Over time, he grew to be one of the most successful vacuum salesman the world has ever seen, but he had one big secret, he had grown to hate vacuums. So he sold his inventory, and left the vacuum market to be a financial adviser, he accidentally mastered the stock market and became one of the nation's leading investors, Now that he is way richer than intended and vacuum cleaner free, he is ready to help out the sport he loved as a child; field hockey. But seeing as there are no major professional field hockey leagues, this one will have to do. He casts his votes for Memphis and Portland. As a Tennesseean, Jude realizes what a major boost a professional sports team would be for the morale (and better yet the economic status) of Memphis and all Tennessee. He believes that even though hockey isn't big in the south, Memphis will latch on to the team as an escape from the darker aspects of the city. (I mean seriously, have you been down the dark alleys over there? They're super scary.) He chose Portland because he feels as though that giant hockey base needs a team to unite around to stay into the sport as they currently are.
  11. You're definitely right on my account, college life is fun and all, but it meant some things may have fallen by the wayside. But I plan on hanging around for awhile.
  12. Hey guys! You may (or may not) remember me, but I was here pretty early on, and I created my profile just because of this thread. I just got caught up for the first time in almost a year. Top class stuff Veras! You haven't lost your touch. Keep on keepin on!
  13. I'll be on vacation for the next little while, so I prolly will miss the EC
  14. I'd go number three on NMSt I'd also go with number 3 on Seattle, but I'd prefer one (or both) of the secondary logos to be the SU. T-RGV- Beautiful, but I'd prefer all of the wood to be the lighter wood, Utah Valley St- Absolutely perfect, I wouldn't make a single change on the,. As always, great job and keep up the good work!