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  1. I'd go number three on NMSt I'd also go with number 3 on Seattle, but I'd prefer one (or both) of the secondary logos to be the SU. T-RGV- Beautiful, but I'd prefer all of the wood to be the lighter wood, Utah Valley St- Absolutely perfect, I wouldn't make a single change on the,. As always, great job and keep up the good work!
  2. Just found this thread. I'm gonna start working on going back through this whole thread (it'll prolly take a while), so I might compliment you on a court you did a month ago. This is one of my favorite threads I've seen (and I've seen a lot). Some critiques of recent courts you've done: Louisiana-Monroe- I love the subliminated Warhawk, I just dorm like two of them. Troy- I personally dislike their secondary logo, and would take it off. Arkansas-Pine Bluff- The yellow/gold is a little bit of an eyesore to me. That all being said, I love everything else I didn't critique. Especially Alabama A&M, UMKC, Grand Canyon and Jackson State. Great job!
  3. I like your Dingos set, but part of me (the selfish part) would really love to see your redo of the piranha set (I do realize what you didn't do it).
  4. Well, they do use blue as an accent color in their uniforms, don't they? UMass had blue striping on their helmet in 2011. And had a light blue shade from 1970-1984. They've used Red, black, and grey from 2012-Current.Edit: the blue now appears to have stuck around a little longer than just 2011. As to add another twist, I see pictures (but don't know how to post them) of the white helmet (with red and blue striping), but has a maroon (not the red from the helmet stripe) jersey with black siding!
  5. Wow, that Maui 3rd jersey is awesome. The others expiramental, but in a good way, I'm pretty sure I like them. Like you said, it's weird, and I think it is a "good weird." The original design is horrid though, you improved it by a lot.
  6. My recommendation is just to take the stain from inside the arc and placing on the whole court.
  7. I love all the courts (especially UTEP!) except for Old Dominions blue court and the UTSA birds on the court (UTSA could work, but it needs some editing.)
  8. I'm so glad you're back. These are all so beeeee-yuuuutiful!
  9. All of these courts are really good, no complaints here!
  10. Could you do a Miami Heat court with with the Miami Floridians orange, pink, and black?
  11. This conference is your best yet, I'd go with option 1 on High Point. I don't love Coastal Carolina. But, I love the others so, overall very good
  12. Thank you! They are beautiful! Perfect!
  13. I also asked for a current version of the Denver Nuggets rainbow era court. Also, if you could do a Memphis court with the Vancouver Grizzlies colors.
  14. In Super Bowl XXXIV what happens if a Kevin Dyson is not one yard short? Do they go for two or not? What's the aftermath of the Super Bowl?
  15. Someone's probably asked this but what if the Big 3 in Boston never happened? (KG stayed with T-Wolves, Ray Allen stayed in Seattle, Paul Pierce was already in Boston)
  16. I was wondering how you would make Buffalo interesting. Congratulations! You did it! Looks good.
  17. Yes! This is great! Do AFC East next please
  18. Could you do a current version of the Nuggets court from their rainbow era?
  19. I love the New Orleans uniforms and court, I don't love the Atlanta slanted font.
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