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  1. I'd go number three on NMSt I'd also go with number 3 on Seattle, but I'd prefer one (or both) of the secondary logos to be the SU. T-RGV- Beautiful, but I'd prefer all of the wood to be the lighter wood, Utah Valley St- Absolutely perfect, I wouldn't make a single change on the,. As always, great job and keep up the good work!
  2. Just found this thread. I'm gonna start working on going back through this whole thread (it'll prolly take a while), so I might compliment you on a court you did a month ago. This is one of my favorite threads I've seen (and I've seen a lot). Some critiques of recent courts you've done: Louisiana-Monroe- I love the subliminated Warhawk, I just dorm like two of them. Troy- I personally dislike their secondary logo, and would take it off. Arkansas-Pine Bluff- The yellow/gold is a little bit of an eyesore to me. That all being said, I love everything else I didn't critique. Especially Alabama A&M, UMKC, Grand Canyon and Jackson State. Great job!
  3. I hope hope you don't get discouraged (for lack of a better term) with the lack of commenting, it's hard of think of new things to say. I can't find anything to say except for "this is awesome!" Note: Does anyone know a modder? Because, I would love to download this as am add-on for the XBox (although the file size would be ginormous)
  4. 1st- Amsterdam (By a score of 6-4) 2nd- Helsinki 3rd- Dusseldorf (By a score of 7-4) 4th- Toronto
  5. I was going to say Helsinki, but to make it interesting I'll go Amsterdam.
  6. Well...I'm feeling complete embarrassment. Darn you Andris Tevarde!
  7. NOOO! Well, at least I still have Toronto to pull for.
  8. I have Madden 08 on the PC, and although it does have similar features, 29texan raised the bar quite a bit. He's done so much of a better job on it that EA should be embarrassed.
  9. After the Stateside project I started binge-reading (read creeping), through your old threads, I hate to see this one end so soon like it did. I'd be up for a reboot if you so choose (just saying)
  10. By the way, I just found this thread, I looked at all the teams, and I hate I missed it. You did such an admirable job portraying the states "personalities" (for lack of a better term) through the kits and such. And of course it looks great. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what ya do next! P.S. My favorites are Wilmington Wonders, Tenn SC, and Excelsior Athletic (In that order)
  11. Well, *gulps* I have half right so far...
  12. I think Dusseldorf's size and grinding nature will knock off Salvador.
  13. I was going Dublin vs Toronto, but to make it interesting and go against ujju2 (friendly competition), I'll go with Dublin vs Volograd. For the other Quad, I'll go with Brasilia vs Empire New York.
  14. I'm calling TC Azteca vs Bordeaux.
  15. I'm calling a final matchup of London Crusaders vs Dusseldorf United.
  16. These are all really good! You can tell you put a lot of effort and time into these.
  17. I'm in! (By the way the Florida in the league's logo gets lost in the ball, maybe keep the ball blue and white and change the Florida's color. Or just move it)
  18. On AFLV's jerseys the crest gets lost in the stripes, I don't know if you want to fix it or not. Either way, AFLV looks very good (although since they are the most successful team I probably would hate them), and Le Mans looks very clean (I kinda want them to win something, for their fans).