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  1. Lol you think the NBA cares? Or Nike? $$$ talks, and unless there are massive profit drops (which I doubt will happen, and even I hate how most jerseys look now), the NBA ain't doing anything.
  2. Found on the hockey subreddit. Guess where the puck is? Answer:
  3. AFAIK, not at the moment. I think I read somewhere they're trying to get it on Fubo, but nothing's happened as of late.
  4. Marquee updated its graphics on Thursday as well:
  5. Well, folks, today is the end of an era. After nearly 25 years, the Fox Sports RSNs will be rebranded as Bally Sports beginning tomorrow, March 31st. With that said, what was your favorite graphics package that the Fox Sports RSNs used over the years? My favourites are personally the grapics package used from 2001-2005 and the one that followed it from 2005-2008:
  6. CBS's new graphics: Love 'em or hate em? I personally like it. It's clean and simple.
  7. Meh....2002-2005 and the one they have now are better, tbh.
  8. New Jersey Swamp Dragons version, please!
  9. Yeah, you don't really need to try and get the full name on the Wolves' unis. Just make it either "Wolves" or "T'Wolves."
  10. A majority of complaints that I've seen online regarding the ads on helmets (and if you want to bring in another sport, the NBA with baseline ads on certain courts) has people glossing over the fact that the virus cost the NHL to lose money and they needed some way to get that money back. Of course, people who use the Internet to rant don't understand logic, so...
  11. It's almost as if people don't understand that the NHL (like pretty much any business on the planet) lost revenue last year and they needed ways to recover it. I'm not hopped up about 'em either, but I understand the reasoning behind it. (First line of my reply not directed at you, but rather at the general outrage)
  12. If this isn't the right place to post this, then feel free to redirect me, but the Bulls' court now has Fanduel ads on the baselines, as shown in this Tweet below:
  13. Okay, some of these (such as Dallas/Portland/Wizards/Memphis/Raptors) are legit. But some others like Boston and the Bucks can use a little work. The green on the Celtics is too dark and the green on the Bucks is too light. Second, while gray works for teams like the Spurs and Nets, teams like the Sixers, Heat and Jazz don't really need it. Third, I would give the Pelicans a Mardi-Gras type uniform, and lastly, I would give the Clippers a uniform that's either a reference to their days in Buffalo or a uni that's reminiscent of their days in San Diego. Other than that, these are some pretty good concepts.