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  1. Bullets logo in the Wizards' original colors?
  2. Same. Also, I would've loved it if there was some yellow to go along with that purple.
  3. Georgia is famous for its peaches, so I guess that's why the Hawks are going with the Peach colors for that court. On a related note, the Magic are doing a similar thing, but with oranges.
  4. How about the current Pistons court but with their late 90s "PISTONS" wordmark at center court and on the baselines?
  5. I think they're going back to it next season.
  6. How about: Late 90s Knicks court with "NYC BASKETBALL" on the baselines Early 2000s Raptors court with "We The North" on the sidelines
  7. There is no doubt that this is a much better logo than the one they have now. Nice work!
  8. Why couldn't the Jets have made a modern version of this logo? Also, the "New York" on the unis is not needed, IMO.
  9. Can you do a variant using the Kings' 1988 logo (the Chevy-looking one)?
  10. That second Bucks court looks so much better than the one they actually have.
  11. Are you going to do this for the MLB and NHL, too? Also, can you do the Texans' logo in the colors of the Houston Oilers?
  12. Raptors first logo but in the color of the Drake unis? And the Bucks first logo in the colors of their old Mecca court?
  13. That would make a good CD uniform for Toronto.
  14. What about a Canada Day variant for the Blue Jays?
  15. OP has already done those last two that you mentioned: