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  1. Make the numbers on the white Magic uniform blue instead of black, and then make the numbers on the blue pinstripe one white.
  2. The unis look okay, but I think the Yankees could use a throwback uniform as an alternate set. Maybe their 1927 unis?
  3. Did something happen? I think you need to try re-uploading your pictures again, because I'm not seeing anything.
  4. I like the black Reds uniform, but I think it would look much better if the pants didn't have pinstripes, IMO.
  5. The first two jerseys are legit, the statement one needs a wordmark (maybe "BEES" or something like that), and I'm not too hopped up about that CLT one (I'm not from Charlotte, so I don't know what that means).
  6. Look at the shade of yellow/gold that teams like the Bruins and Penguins use. The gold that you use for the Sens is a little faded, imo.
  7. Well, I'll be your first response. Bruins/Jets are great. Tone down the gold on the Senators because it looks too bright, and maybe make a red version of the Panthers' uniform. And a Vice City version of it as well.
  8. I was going to post this back on the 26th (which is when Opening Day would have been), but since it'll be a while before we get any baseball games again, I just want to point something out: Since the start of the 2011 MLB season, the Nationals and Orioles have had the same graphics package with MASN. The other 28 teams have changed theirs at least twice in that span (granted, the Dodgers and Cubs moved away from regional sports networks to start their own channels, and the Astros went from FSN Houston to CSN Houston to Root Sports/AT&T Southwest). Case in point, here's a screencap of the SNY graphic from a Mets game in 2014: Then the score bug from from a game in 2016: And then the score bug that was seen in Spring Training (and possibly for the 2020 season whenever it starts): Now, a MASN screencap from 2011: And here's one from this year: If you're too busy to read everything before this, the question is simple: How come the Nats/O's have the same graphics package after all these years while everyone else changes theirs every few years?
  9. Hey, this has been bugging me for a while, but do you think you can do mockups of teams that aren't around anymore (e.g. Whalers, Nordiques, Thrashers)?
  10. Bullets logo in the Wizards' original colors?
  11. Same. Also, I would've loved it if there was some yellow to go along with that purple.
  12. Georgia is famous for its peaches, so I guess that's why the Hawks are going with the Peach colors for that court. On a related note, the Magic are doing a similar thing, but with oranges.
  13. How about the current Pistons court but with their late 90s "PISTONS" wordmark at center court and on the baselines?
  14. How about: Late 90s Knicks court with "NYC BASKETBALL" on the baselines Early 2000s Raptors court with "We The North" on the sidelines
  15. There is no doubt that this is a much better logo than the one they have now. Nice work!
  16. Why couldn't the Jets have made a modern version of this logo? Also, the "New York" on the unis is not needed, IMO.
  17. Can you do a variant using the Kings' 1988 logo (the Chevy-looking one)?
  18. That second Bucks court looks so much better than the one they actually have.