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  1. A majority of complaints that I've seen online regarding the ads on helmets (and if you want to bring in another sport, the NBA with baseline ads on certain courts) has people glossing over the fact that the virus cost the NHL to lose money and they needed some way to get that money back. Of course, people who use the Internet to rant don't understand logic, so...
  2. It's almost as if people don't understand that the NHL (like pretty much any business on the planet) lost revenue last year and they needed ways to recover it. I'm not hopped up about 'em either, but I understand the reasoning behind it. (First line of my reply not directed at you, but rather at the general outrage)
  3. If this isn't the right place to post this, then feel free to redirect me, but the Bulls' court now has Fanduel ads on the baselines, as shown in this Tweet below:
  4. Okay, some of these (such as Dallas/Portland/Wizards/Memphis/Raptors) are legit. But some others like Boston and the Bucks can use a little work. The green on the Celtics is too dark and the green on the Bucks is too light. Second, while gray works for teams like the Spurs and Nets, teams like the Sixers, Heat and Jazz don't really need it. Third, I would give the Pelicans a Mardi-Gras type uniform, and lastly, I would give the Clippers a uniform that's either a reference to their days in Buffalo or a uni that's reminiscent of their days in San Diego. Other than that, these are some pretty good concepts.
  5. A few unpopular opinions of my own: I know Pistons fans like the horse logo better (1996-2001 for the teal one, 2001-2005 for the current colors), but I like their current logo the most. It's a nod to their Bad Boys-era one. I actually like the Washington Football Team name and colors. I just wish the W itself was their logo, however. Just like the White Sox, Cardinals, and Phillies (might have left out a few others), I wish the Yankees would utilize a throwback uniform as an alternate. Maybe 1927? It might be tricky, considering they didn't place numbers on their unis until 1929. I actually like the Indians' C logo, but I would be open to them putting a feather on it to make it stand out. That way, any rumors of them changing their name are squashed.
  6. As far as the Suns court goes, maybe it would look better if "The Valley" was at midcourt sans logo. Or, have the logo at center court and "The Valley" on each baseline.
  7. I feel like the Rockets should've kept that court they had in the 95-96 season for at least another year or two. The 1996-2002 version looks bland, IMO. Also, your version of the Blazers' new court is so much better than the actual version.
  8. I would've loved it if the Clippers had a Community jersey that said "Compton" on it...
  9. Is it bad that I want to see a version of that Lakers court but with the colors flipped?
  10. Are you going to try recreating much older score bugs (late 90s/early 2000s)?
  11. Your version of the current Fox bug is better than the actual one. You don't think you can take a crack at remaking their 2010 one, could you?
  12. Rotate the ball 90 degrees and it's perfect.
  13. Ehhh...I think you should maybe make something closer to the original Magic logo.
  14. Fox said they're going to use the NFL theme for NFL telecasts only, beginning this year:
  15. TBS moved their score bug to the bottom left of the screen.
  16. I already know the New Jersey Swamp Dragons and that rebrand that the Clippers almost had in the 90s are gonna be a part of this series...
  17. Make the numbers on the white Magic uniform blue instead of black, and then make the numbers on the blue pinstripe one white.
  18. The unis look okay, but I think the Yankees could use a throwback uniform as an alternate set. Maybe their 1927 unis?
  19. Did something happen? I think you need to try re-uploading your pictures again, because I'm not seeing anything.