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  1. In the year 2017, the Chargers moved to LA; in 2019, the Raiders will play their first game in Las Vegas at a brand-new stadium. Even in the year 2020, three cities will be without an NFL team: Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis. ???
  2. Here's my idea for the expansion team in my hometown: the Columbus Dragons. Helmet: blue with the face of an angry Seto Kaiba, except that he's wearing a football helmet Home jersey: blue with white numbers outlined in yellow with red sleeve caps Away jersey: white with blue numbers outlined in red with blue sleeve caps
  3. I played the Nintendo 64 versions of Madden NFL 2001 and Madden NFL 2002 and they had the following fantasy teams: Pigskin Junction Marshals (stadium is in an abandoned ghost town) Shadow Gate Monsters (stadium is a castle courtyard and its always raining) Hoboken Sugar Buzz Deep Space Comets (stadium is in a space station, whose field is made of steel) Giza Mummies (stadium is located in the middle of an Egyptian desert) Motor City Junkyard Dogs (stadium is located in an auto graveyard that has been cleared out for football to be played on, with the field spray-painted onto the gravel) Lost City Vipers Big Tent Island Clowns (stadium is located in a very large circus tent) Industriopolis Industrials (their stadium's field is made of metal) North Pole Toymakers Rome Praetorians (stadium is set in ancient Rome)
  4. JLNHLSEGAFAN, I would like you to add two more teams to your thread (one of which is a character that made her first appearance in 2014) (mascot name in brackets): Berlin Swallows [Wave the Swallow] Oslo Bygones [Sticks the Badger]
  5. Fact #1: Apollo 13 launched sometime in the 1960s @ 1:13 PM; due to a malfunction on the shuttle, it did NOT land on the moon. Fact #2: A black hole has a gravitational pull so strong, not even light escape it. Fact #3: Within a black hole is a perfect sphere of pure blackness; this is called an event horizon. In it, time and space are warped. The only way to escape an event horizon is by going back in time, which is impossible.
  6. This looks nice. I sure wish that I'd become coach of this team. If we won the Abraham Blinkin Trophy, we'd be on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. If EA Sports caught onto this, there'd even be a videogame franchise called PDC Dodgeball.
  7. tetris1983

    NFL expansion

    Thanks, bbb. You know what, you make the best concepts I have ever seen. ???????
  8. Super Bowl LV Venue: Inglewood, CA AFC Champion: San Diego Raiders NFC Champion: New York Giants Final Score: Raiders 34, Giants 20
  9. Super Bowl LVI Venue: Miami Gardens, FL AFC Champion: New York Jets NFC Champion: Los Angeles Rams Final Score: Rams 23, Jets 14 MVP: Aaron Donald
  10. Super Bowl LVII Venue: San Diego AFC Champion: Los Angeles Chargers of Anahiem NFC Champion: Green Bay Packers Final Score: Packers 28; Chargers 19 MVP: Aaron Rodgers
  11. The people in Winnipeg love the videogame character Mega Man; he is often called the Blue Bomber. The mayor of the capital of Manitoba liked it so much, that passed a law that wanted everyone to call the local CFL team the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
  12. Black, silver, and white; Classic Game Room host Mark Burrell used these colors in a review of Madden NFL 12 to create a fictitious NFL team called the Black Hole Event Horizon; he put his in-game alter-ego Lord Karnage in the quarterback position, this time wearing the number 4.
  13. Black, neon green, and white? Mark Burrell from Classic Game Room used these colors in a review of Madden NFL 11 to create a fictitious NFL team called the Karnageville Vektrekz, with his in-game alter-ego named Lord Karnage as quarterback wearing the number 99; he didn't realize that quarterback jersey numbers have to be between 1 and 19.
  14. In the 2024 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the Jackets will sweep the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the 2024 Eastern Conference semifinals, they'll sweep the Detroit Red Wings. In the 2024 Eastern Conference Final, they'll sweep the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the 2024 Stanley Cup Final, the Columbus Blue Jackets will sweep the Vancouver Canucks to win the team's first-ever Stanley Cup with every player doing the traditional motion of what hockey players do when they become the NHL Champion: kissing the Cup.
  15. Several years ago, I saw Miz on the Cartoon Network original series 'Destroy Build Destroy' (hosted by Andrew WK [a former rock star]); he was a fourth teammate for a team called the Maulers, who won $3,000 (the kids, not the wrestler) and destroyed the Juggernauts' creation (the Juggernauts' fourth teammate was Josh Morrison).