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  1. On the subject of unusual court colors, the Spurs court at Hemisfair Arena never seemed to be in the team's colors, red white and blue during the ABA days, and then light blue in later years.
  2. The sleeve hawk was introduced in 1983. Don't know about the NFL logo, though. I think that was around 89 or 90.
  3. The falcon was moved to inside the stripes starting in 1987.
  4. I've seen that Georgetown one in a video game, either in EA's March Madness or one of the early years of the 2K College Hoops series.
  5. I can remember the NCAA games on the original Playstation around 98/99 giving teams with non-text field art like Tennessee and Notre Dame a wordmark endzone for neutral site games. I'm not sure why it took so long to bring this idea back.
  6. Some older college logos: LSU Auburn Fresno State Pitt Xavier
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the whole Scouts identity, both name and logo, are lame? I really hope any future KC franchise would come up with something better.
  8. I've always liked the Penguins previous logo and never understood why it's so hated. The "pigeon" looks more like an actual penguin than the "classic" logo. The triangle thing makes it look a little weird, but it was part of the original logo and I suppose it had to be kept.
  9. The cardinal giving a thumbs-up is actually Illinois State's old logo, not Iowa State.
  10. They also stuck with the look for a few years, unlike the others.
  11. I'm getting tired of this whole dark at home, force the other team into white nonsense. If all these stupid alternates are going to be busted out on a team's home court, then maybe they should do like the NHL and reverse home and away colors.
  12. The pillbox caps worn by National League teams in 1976 and kept by the Pirates until the 80s might be the earliest example of bogus throwbacks.
  13. If the current set must be kept, then light blue should be the primary home look, with all-white (Have they even used that combo since switching?) being used on the road.
  14. Except for jumping on the leotard sock bandwagon with the road pants, there was nothing wrong with the previous set. But they were around for about 20 years, so I guess they had to come up with something "fresh".