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  1. love this! do you have a link for the template? i most likely won't post publicly but if i do you will get full credit for template
  2. hey love the work. if u have time can i get one with champs for leafs, raiders, blue jays, raptors and ohio state (basketball and football). thanks
  3. Sorry for late response, new template for one of them, old for another. Thanks
  4. These are amazing! Leafs/Raiders Raptors/Blue Jays both slightly tinted please. thanks
  5. I will try it out in a few minutes and tell you how it is.
  6. I love it! I don't mind the font but it could be a bit better. Also the numbers on the sleeves can be bigger. But yeah, it's really good.
  7. Well, do you use photoshop? Illustrator? Inkscape? What template you use normally depends on what program you use. Do you have any that work good with Macs? Also do you recommend any applications to use for Macs? Thanks.
  8. I like the idea! You can try making it with the Fleurdelisé (the symbols on the Quebec flag/in your logo) in the circle part of the "Q".
  9. Hey guys. i just joined and am new to jersey making. Got any blank templates for any sports? Preferably hockey. Thanks.
  10. Ethan Black

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    i like it man. good job.